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Now “Do Not Track” Won’t Be Default On IE 10

Microsoft Internet Explorer Logo
Earlier this month, I wrote about how Internet Explorer would have the “do not track” feature on by default. The Digital Advertising Alliance was not happy with this decision because they had struck a deal with the White House to honor the “do not track” feature as long as it was not a default setting on browsers. Since Microsoft pushed ahead and decided to make it default on IE 10 any way, the advertisers decided that they would have no choice but to ignore those preferences. The EFF, Mozilla, and Jonathan Mayer of Stanford authored a document that has a specific provision that requires users to provide explicit consent before any tracking preferences can be transmitted to make sure that “do not track” gets derailed altogether.

What Is ACTA?

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is a proposed plurilateral agreement that is used for the purpose of establishing international standards on intellectual property rights enforcement. The Agreement would create a body outside of international institutions such as the WTO, WIPO, and the U.N. A couple of days ago, most European Union countries formally signed the agreement.
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