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Jim Breyer: #1 On 2012′s Forbes Midas List Of Top Tech Investors

For the second time in a row, Jim Breyer has been selected as the #1 position of the Midas List of top tech investors. Five out of the top tech investors have Facebook as a portfolio company. Investors in LinkedIn, Groupon, Twitter, and Zynga also put them in the list. Only 5 of the people in the list are women. This is one of the reasons why so many people are criticizing the list on Twitter. The top 10 on the list are:
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Six Facebook Owners Listed On Forbes Billionaires’ Article

Forbes has published the 2011 Billionaires List. Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg was listed as the top social networker with an estimated wealth of $13.5 billion. Dustin Moskovitz, Facebook co-founder and the world’s youngest billionaire, was also listed with an estimated wealth of $2.7 billion. Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin and former Facebook President Sean Parker were also on the list at $1.6 billion each. Angel investor and major Facebook shareholder Peter Thiel was on the list and is worth $1.5 billion. Yuri Milner, a Facebook investor, is worth $1 billion. Considering that 6 billionaires can be associated with one company is just remarkable. [ComputerWorld]

Mike Perlis Becomes CEO of Forbes Media

For the first time since the publication company started in 1917, Forbes Media has hired a CEO from outside of the family tree. Mike Perlis joins as CEO and President of Forbes Media from his position as general partner of SoftBank Capital.
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Investopedia Sold For $42 Million

Investopedia has been sold to ValueClick for $42 million in cash. Investopedia was founded in 1999 and ValueClick bought it because of their content, traffic, team, and ad company partnerships. Forbes put Investopedia up for sale in June.
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Forbes Putting Investopedia For Sale

Forbes Media bought out Investopedia about three years ago and now they are ready to sell it off.  Forbes hired Jordon, Edmiston Group Inc. to help them sell off Investopedia.  Recently Forbes also bought out freelance journalism service True/Slant.  [paidContent]

Forbes Acquires True/Slant

Private publishing company Forbes, Inc. has acquired freelance startup company True/Slant. True/Slant founder and CEO Lewis Dvorkin will be joining Forbes as the Chief Product Officer on June 1st. Dvorkin worked as Executive Editor of Forbes magazine from December 1996 to April 2000. Forbes also invested in True/Slant in August 2008. [TechCrunch]

Former SVP of AOL News & Sports, Lewis D’vorkin Launching Public Post Inc.; Receives Funding For Venture

Lewis D’vorkin is a former Time Warner Inc. (NYSE:TWX) executive.  D’vorkin informed paidContent that he has raised funding for a new venture called Public Post Inc.  The early stage funding was provided by Forbes Media and Velocity Interactive Group.  Public Post Inc. has not launched a public site yet, but the idea for Public Post is to have a news network that revolves around authors, journalists, bloggers, and filmmakers.

Content appearing on Public Post will be provided by “knowledgeable experts” rather than citizen journalists.  This is very similar to the idea behind Google Knol.  D’vorkin stated that the startup won’t be linked to any other news media companies even though Forbes invested in them.

D’vorkin also hired Andrea Spiegel, another former VP at AOL.  Spiegel will be acting as Public Post’s chief product officer.  Public Post is D’vorkin’s second startup.  D’vorkin’s first startup was created in 1995 and was called Virtual City.  Virtual City was funded by Newsweek.

D’vorkin’s role at AOL was pivotal in the development of and AOL Fanhouse.  Velocity Interactive Group is led by former AOL CEO, Jonathan Miller.

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Brad Stone Of The NYT Discovers The Fake Steve Jobs Identity

Fake Steve Jobs Screen Shot
He’s busted.  The blogger that is known as the “Fake Steve Jobs” has been fooling people for 14 months.  This blogger acted and referred himself as the real Steve Jobs, CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc.  However, a writer at The New York Times discovered the actual identity of the Fake Steve Jobs.

“The mysterious writer has used his blog, the Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, to lampoon Mr. Jobs and his reputation as a difficult and egotistical leader, as well as to skewer other high-tech companies, tech journalists, venture capitalists, open-source software fanatics and Silicon Valley’s overall aura of excess,” wrote Brad Stone in The New York Times[1].

Interestingly, this blog has gained quite a bit of traction and readers including Bill Gates and the real Steve Jobs.  The Fake Steve Jobs is Daniel Lyons, a senior editor of Forbes Magazine that lives near Boston, MA.

“I thought, wouldn’t it be funny if a C.E.O. kept a blog that really told you what he thought? That was the gist of it,” stated Lyons in response to his opinion of chief executives turned bloggers rarely write honestly.  And the readers loved it.  The Fake Steve Jobs would point fun at the open source community, Eric Schmidt, and Bill Gates.  And when Fake Steve was asked about Apple’s future succession by a reader, Fake Steve replied, “My plan at this time is to live forever and to remain in charge here, though perhaps with fewer restrictions on my power. The truth is, I am not human — I am a man-god, son of Zeus, born to mortal woman but fathered by the ruler of the gods, lord of thunder.”

Forbes is planning on moving the Fake Steve Jobs Diary to in September (or possibly earlier).  But it is highly unlikely that the real Steve will continue to read the blog of himself being parodied.  Take a joke, Steve.  After all, the Mac guy is cool in the “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” commercials.

[1] New York Times: A Mystery Solved: ‘Fake Steve’ Blogger Comes Clean