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Google Inc (GOOG): Android hits 1 billion active users per month

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At the I/O developer conference, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) announced that it is hitting over 1 billion monthly active users on the Android platform. This is up from 538 million from last year’s I/O conference.
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Google Chrome surpasses Internet Explorer as leading browser in the U.S.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome is now the leading browser in the U.S., according to the Adobe Digital Index report. Google Chrome surpassed Microsoft Internet Explorer, which was the dominant browser for years. The Adobe Digital Index based the rankings on web traffic samplings of desktop and mobile devices from data collected from 10,000 U.S. consumer-facing websites in April 2014.
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Google Chrome for Windows now has a 64-bit version

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Today Google has announced a 64-bit version of Chrome for Windows with the introduction of 64-bit Dev and Canary channels for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. You can download both of them from here: Dev and Canary. The 64-bit version is offered by default if you are running a 64-bit version of Windows, but a 32-bit version will still be available. There are three main advantages of the 64-bit version of the browser as reported by TheNextWeb:

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Google launches Chrome Remote Desktop for Android

Google Chrome Remote Desktop
On Wednesday, Google launched a mobile client app called “Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android.” This app gives you remote access to your Mac or PC from your Android smartphone or tablet. 

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Microsoft Office Online is coming to the Chrome Web Store

Microsoft Corporation is launching Office Online on the Chrome Web Store soon. Office Online is a web version of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Office Online already worked in the Chrome browser, but Microsoft decided to make native apps for its productivity software in the browser. The apps are called Word Online, PowerPoint Online, and OneNote Online. The apps can be used for creating new Office documents online with a single click from the desktop. 

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Google browser illuminates Vancouver sky

Artist Janet Echelman and Google Creative Director Aaron Koblin partnered to create an interactive artwork on one of the largest textile sculptures ever called Unnumbered Sparks in Vancouver, Canada. The artwork is made from ultralight fibers and is soaring from the roof of a skyscraper over the water and walkways near the Vancouver Convention Center. The artwork celebrates the 30th annual conference of TED.
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Asus launches the Chromebox desktop PC for $179

Asus Chromebox
Asus has announced a new $179 Chromebox desktop that runs on the Google Chrome operating system and runs on the Intel Haswell Celeron processor.
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Google Chrome now has notifications from Google Now

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 5.42.41 PM
Your Google Chrome browser will now be able to tell you if someone’s flight is delayed and what the scores are for your favorite sports teams. Google Now is already available on iOS and Android so this is simply an extension of the service.
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