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Google “Conversational Search” Arrives On Chrome 27

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Google has launched the “conversational search” feature on the Chrome browser for Mac, Windows, Linux on version 27 of the browser.  The “conversational search” feature is similar to how voice search and Google Now apps on Android and iOS devices work.  This feature allows users to ask Google questions by “talking” to the search engine using words and phrases.  This spares your fingers from having to constantly type in search keywords.  Google responds in a natural human-like way.

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Google Chrome for Windows Gets Rich Notifications

Google Chrome Notifications

Google has added notifications to the Google Chrome browser for Windows.  Google Chrome will also get a Notification Center that can be viewed outside of the browser.  Users can see all of the notifications that they missed through the new Notification Center.

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Google Is Launching Chrome App Launcher For OS X Soon, Beta Available Now

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Google Happiness Evangelist François Beaufort wrote on Google+ that the company is working on a Chrome OS app launcher for the Mac.  Early adopters can try a beta version of the app now.  To access App Launcher in beta, you will need to install Chromium and run a command in terminal.  Then when you click on the Chromium dock icon, you will see a grid of installed web apps from the Chrome store.  When you click on the apps, it will open the browser windows in full-screen with the selected app.  You will also need to keep your terminal window open to access other apps.  No word yet on when the final version of Chrome App Launcher for OS X will launch officially.

Microsoft Parodies Google Chrome Ad

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There is an internal Microsoft ad that parodies the Google Chrome browser that has been uploaded to YouTube.  The Microsoft ad is based on their “Scroogled” campaign.  The ad warns you that Google Chrome is tracking them across multiple devices.  The ad is a parody of Google’s ”Chrome: Now Everywhere.”  The original video and parody video are embedded below.  The video was not intended to be seen by the public so it was actually leaked according to a Microsoft spokesperson.

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The Google Chrome Browser Has Over 750 Million Monthly Active Users

Google Chrome
At Google I/O, Google SVP for Chrome and Android Sundar Pichai said that the Chrome browser now has over 750 million monthly active users.  This is up from 450 million million monthly active users from the year before.  This number includes desktop and mobile users.

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Google Rolls Out Push Notifications For Chrome and Chrome OS

Google Chrome
is now making it possible for developers to set-up push notifications on web applications served through Chrome.  Google announced Google Messaging for Chrome on Thursday.  According to Google’s Developer page, the service “helps developers send message data from servers to their Chrome apps and extensions. The service is intended to wake up an app or extension, and/or alert a user. For example, calendar updates could be pushed to users even when their calendaring app isn’t open.”  The service can also be used for stock price alerts or news items.

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Gmail’s iOS App Is Updated To Open Links In Chrome, Google Maps, and YouTube Apps

Google has updated the Gmail app on iOS in a way that users can take more control of the link actions from e-mails.  Now when you tap on links from an e-mail in the Gmail iOS app, you can designate other Google-designed iOS applications to open them in a relevant way rather than having Apple’s mobile Safari browser open it every time.  This functionality will work if you have the Google Chrome, Google Maps, and/or YouTube iOS apps installed on your phone.
Gmail iOS app update

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Google Launches Google Keep App For Chrome

Google has launched a Google Keep app for the Google Chrome.  The Google Keep app can be downloaded through the Google Chrome Web App Store.  You can download the app through this link.  Google Keep lets you quickly capture what is on your mind and quickly recall it wherever you are.  You can create text notes, add a photo, or type up a quick list.  If you are offline, notes that you create while you are disconnected syncs back to the web and other devices when your connection returns.

Google Keep for Chrome