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Google Play now has Glass ‘Explorer Edition’ for sale

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 1.20.58 PM
Google is selling the Glass Explorer Edition on the Google Play store. The price is $1,500 with a choice of free frame or sunglass shade. Selling Google Glass through Google Play will make the wearable device widely available.


Google Glass now has more memory

Google Glass
On Tuesday, Google announced that it was adding new hardware and software updates to Google Glass. Google Glass will now ship with 2GB of RAM instead of 1GB for better performance. Glass now has an improved way to frame images, including a new viewfinder.
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Google Inc (GOOG) opens Glass sales in the U.K. for £1,000

Google Glass
Google Glass is now available for adults in the U.K. Google opened the Explorer edition of Glass to any U.K. resident over age 18 for the price of £1,000.

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Google Inc (GOOG): Glass frames by Diane Von Furstenberg are now available in the U.S.

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Google Glass frames that were designed by Diane von Furstenberg have launched in the U.S. today. When you visit the online fashion retailer Net-A-Porter, you can choose between five different frame combinations for $1,800. All of the frames are the same shape, but they are in five different colors — Shiny Elderberry, Shiny Lagoon, Matte Java, Matte Ice and Shiny Ink. Each purchase comes with two frames. 

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Google Inc (GOOG) names 5 developer partners for Glass apps

Google Glass
Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has named 5 developer partners for Glass apps, which are known as Glass Certified Partners. The partners include APZ Labs (Skylight app), AugMedix (app for doctors), CrowdOptic (context-aware sports/entertainment/medical app), GuidiGo (museum/cultural institution app), and Wearable Intelligence (enterprise solution app company).

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The Daily Show pokes fun at Google Glass

The Daily Show decided to do a segment on how people that wear Google Glass are discriminated. Former BusinessInsider reporter Kyle Russell was assaulted this spring for wearing Google Glass and described the device to The Daily Show reporter Jason Jones as an “interface between the user and the rest of the world.” Jones laughed at Russell and replied “Those are called eyes.” You can see more in the video clip above.

Google Glass now has improved photo sharing and Google Now cards

Google has announced that Google Glass has been updated with five new features. The new features include better photo sharing for Android users, Google Now cards for the World Cup, package tracking, and parking location. There is also a battery notification for when the device drops below 20%. Now when you take a picture on Glass, you will see it instantly on your Android phone when opening up the MyGlass app. If you forgot where you parked your car, look to the left of your Glass home screen to find your Parking location card.
[Source: TNW]

Alamo Drafthouse theater chain bans Google Glass

Google Glass
Alamo Drafthouse, a theater company that has locations in Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Texas, and Virginia, will be the first one of the first U.S. chains to ban Google Glass. Google launched Glass to the public recently.

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