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Google adds Mars and the Moon to Maps

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 2.36.48 PM
Earlier this week, Google launched a feature on Google Maps that lets visitors view Mars and the moon. These features were previously available on Google Earth, but now it has been added to Google Maps. You can view the moon and Mars by visiting Google Maps and clicking the Earth button on the bottom left corner and zooming out. As you see the full view of the Earth, you will see two options along the bottom to visit Mars or the moon.


[Moon on Google Maps]

[Mars on Google Maps]

Google Maps Japan April Fools’ Day joke: Catch Pokémon

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 6.16.40 PM
In Japan, it is already April Fools Day and Google Maps decided to participate in the fun. Google Maps has launched a Pokémon Challenge as part of the fun around April Fools’ Day.
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Waze Is Now Integrated In Google Maps

Google added new features to Google Maps on Wednesday.  Now Google Maps has traffic and road conditions from real-time traffic app, Waze. Google acquired Waze for $966 million in June.  These same features appeared in the Google Maps mobile apps in August.  Now it will be integrated in desktop web browsers. 
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Google Maps Engine Pro Enables Businesses To View Customer Data On A Map

Google has announced a new tool that helps businesses view data on a map called Maps Engine Pro.  In the video above, you will see how Pure Fix Cycles uses Maps Engine Pro to view their customers on a map.  Businesses can see the location of business offices, sales leads, existing customers, etc.  The tool is built on top of Google Maps.  Data can be imported from various file types including spreadsheets.  Google Maps Engine Pro also has a mobile app for access on the go.  New customers can preview the tool using an introductory account.
[Source: Google LatLong Blog]

How Google Maps Helped Reunite An Adopted Man With His Family After 25 Years

Google has released a new ad about how Google Maps helped a man find directions home after getting lost 25 years ago.  Saroo Brierley spent 25 years looking for his biological family after he was separated from them at a train station in India.  Using Google Maps, he was able to trace his steps back from the train to his home.  Before his fifth birthday, Saroo Brierley fell asleep on a train waiting for his brother.  When he woke up the next day, the carriage was empty.  A family in Australia adopted Saroo Brierley and the mother that adopted him kept a map of India in his bedroom.
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Google Maps Is Adding Multiple Destinations, Reservations, And Events

Google Maps Logo
Google Maps is going to get a new user interface in the near future.  The new Google Maps will have directions for multiple destinations, reservation management, and event discovery.

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Google Maps On Android Gets Enhanced Navigation, Sponsored Hotels

Google has updated the Google Maps app for Android.  The new version of Google Maps on Android has enhanced navigation and sponsored hotel listings.

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Google Maps Mobile and Waze Working Together To Add Real-Time Incident Reports

Waze Incident
The Google Maps and Waze team are working together to integrate incident reports from Waze users into Google Maps for Mobile.  The Waze app will also get Google Search integration.  After a beta test was successful, the Waze Map Editor also now includes Google Street View and satellite imagery.

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