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Grouper shuts down international operations

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Grouper is a dating startup that has shut down its international operations and fired some of its staff overseas and in the U.S. Grouper employed at least 30 employees before laying off many of them.
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Groupon Acquires SoSasta, Grouper, and Twangoo To Expand Into India, Israel, and Africa

Online group coupon service continues to expand as they have acquired three daily deal-group buying websites across the world. Groupon has acquired SoSasta, Grouper, and Twangoo. SoSasta is based in India, Grouper is based in Israel, and Twangoo is based in South Africa. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. SoSasta is based in 11 Indian cities, Twangoo operates in most cities in South Africa, and Grouper was the first group coupon service to launch in Israel. Groupon currently has 50 million subscribers across 40 countries.

Grouper Announces Firehouse Channel, A Tribute to Firefighters

Grouper & Firehouse[1], a video content distribution website now owned by Sony has opened a new channel as a tribute to firefighters. The channel is called Firehouse and it is sponsored by FX as a part of their hit series called Rescue Me. Rescue Me’s Fourth Season will be starting today at 10PM ET/PT. The URL for the channel is available at[2].

The Firehouse channel features content from firefighters around the world with produced with Grouper technology. Right now the default video that plays on the homepage features firefighters talking about the first fire that they were called upon to distinguish. Many of them had a common response, along the lines of “my life flashed before my eyes that day.”

During 9/11, America really opened their eyes to the daily hard work that firefighters go through. And the only thing that we can do to as Americans is acknowledge their efforts. I believe that the Firehouse and movies like Ladder 49 starring Joaquin Phoenix, John Travolta, and Morris Chestnut are a great way of acknowledging the efforts of firefighters in the media.

“Rescue Me has such a passionate fan base that we felt it was essential to find the right forum for members of the firefighting community and the public to be able to share their own stories.  Grouper has been an invaluable partner to the entire Sony Pictures Television Marketing team in helping to create what we feel is a very organic promotional opportunity,” stated Robert Oswaks, the Executive Vice President of Marketing at Sony Pictures Television.

Denis Leary is the star of Rescue Me and won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series and the previous year Leary and Peter Tolan won an Emmy for Outstanding Writer for a Drama Series for the Rescue Me pilot.


PureVideo’s New Features: Toolbar, Research Channel, and Personalized Page

PureVideo LogoOne of the leading video search websites, has announced that they now have an array of new features. Now users can create accounts and customize their own video websites, install a PureVideo-powered toolbar, browse through the new research channel, and there is also a deeper index of videos and a partnership with other video juggernaut websites.

Some of the new media partners include AtomFilms, Brightcove, Grouper, Music Nation, and The reason why these new media partners have selected PureVideo is because the website search points users to appropriate content owners, thus preventing traffic theft that some other video sites are known for.

Aside from the new partnerships and the new toolbar, PureVideo-owned was ranked as the ‘stickiest’ video website by Not bad for a company that was launched about 6 months ago (October 2006). PureVideo brings in 2.2 million monthly visits and is ranked 1,184 by comScore. is the page where you can customize your video webpage and it is powered by Ajax. Users can select various feeds available from different video sources as displayed in the screen shot below:
MyPureVideo Screen Shot 1
The PureVideo toolbar can be downloaded from
PureVideo Toolbar

The new Research channel for PureVideo can be reached at  The research channel will feature videos by The History Channel, A&E, NASA, Nova, and Harvard CS.  The research channel will also harvest videos from other academic institutions.

Video enthusiasts, definetely keep your eyes peeled for all the upcoming features of PureVideo.