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HTC One E8 is a plastic version of the M8 that is arriving in June

HTC One E8 - models
You know how the Apple iPhone 5c is a plastic and cheaper version of the iPhone 5? It sounds like HTC is doing the same thing with the HTC One M8 smartphone. The HTC One E8 is replacing the M8’s brushed metal case with plastic. The plastic version of M8 was previously confirmed for China, but it will be heading to other countries in the next few weeks.

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HTC announces One Mini 2

HTC One Mini 2

Today in London, HTC announced the HTC One Mini 2 smartphone. The 4.5-inch smartphone has scaled down specs from the HTC One M8.

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HTC is interesting in buying Nokia’s plant in Chennai

HTC Logo
HTC may be interested in buying Nokia’s manufacturing plant in Chennai, India. In an interview with the Economic Times, HTC chief financial officer Chialin Chang said that he would be looking into the possibility of acquiring Nokia’s Chennai plant.
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Video: HTC One M8 ad features Gary Oldman saying “blah blah blah”

The first ad for the HTC One features Gary Oldman advising viewers to go to the Internet to learn about the phone rather than listen to him talking about how good the phone is. The reviews of the new HTC One have been very positive.

HTC announces new HTC One smartphone

HTC has announced the latest version of its flagship smartphone called the HTC One. The new HTC One (also known as the M8) is a follow-up to last year’s HTC One device (M7). The M8 has a larger display and updated design, software, and camera. The new HTC One has an all-metal body and bigger HD 1080p display. The new display has been upped from 4.7-inches to 5-inches. The edges of the phone have been curved in the new model.
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HTC threatens leaker of ‘All New HTC One’ video

HTC Logo
Yesterday, there was a video uploaded that showed the “All New HTC One.” The video was taken down from Roshan Jamkatel after a threatening message with HTC Senior Global Online Communications Manager Jeff Gordon. Gordon started the exchange with Jamkatel on Twitter by saying: “It’s not going to be a good week for you, my friend.”
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HTC posts a teaser of the new HTC One

HTC has uploaded a video with a teaser for the new HTC One that is arriving on March 25th. You will notice that the ad starts with a couple of guys talking about how good the sound on the HTC One is. Then a trumpet starts to play. This likely means that the sound on the new phone will be improved.
[Source: TheDroidGuy]

HTC Corp (2498) to fix cracked screens for free, launch new smartphone on March 25th

HTC Logo
Big news day for HTC Corp (TPE:2498)! HTC announced that they are hosting an event on March 25th, which will likely involve a new smartphone launch. HTC also announced a new program called
HTC Advantage, which is a free program that accompanies every HTC One series smartphone sold in the U.S. effective immediately. 
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