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Instagram Hits 150 Million Users, Launching Ads This Year

Facebook’s photo social network, Instagram has hit 150 million monthly users, which is a 15% increase since two months ago.  Instagram also has plans to integrate ads into the service within the next year.  Facebook is not currently making money off of Instagram.
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NASA’s Instagram Account Takes Off

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 11.34.28 PM
NASA is known for taking some of the most amazing photos of all time.  And now the space agency has launched an Instagram account.
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George W. Bush Recently Joined Instagram

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 3.57.45 PM
George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States of America (between 2001 and 2009) and the 46th Governor of Texas (1995-2000) joined Instagram late last month.  One of the first photos that he took was at a golf course with the family of a fallen soldier (above). The account of former President Bush also contains these photos of a pony show and a photo from last year’s Ryder Cup:
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Senior Citizens Teach You How To Use Instagram On Conan

Recently on Conan, there was a segment called Senior Tech where a senior citizen explains how to use Instagram.  The tutor looked at an example of his “grandson” that was having a lot of fun in college.  He pointed out that it may look like the photo was taken by a Polaroid, but it actually uses a photo filter instead.  The best part is how he describes what filters are available. Check out the video above.

Instagram Has Acquired Video Sharing App Luma

Facebook’s photo social network company Instagram has made their first acquisition.  Instagram has hired the team and bought the technology from Luma.  Luma is an app that lets you capture video, stabilize the video, and then share it.
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Instagram Goes After Third Party Apps With “Insta” And “Gram” In The Names

Facebook subsidiary and photo social network Instagram is now going after third party apps that have the words “insta” or “gram” in their names.  Instagram updated the Instagram Brand Guidelines to restrict the use of Instagram’s logo along with the “insta” and “gram” names.  The company said that they made the changes because it may suggest that Instagram endorses or sponsors third party apps, but it does not.
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“Rich Kids of Instagram” Blog Inspires Reality TV Show

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 2.15.49 AM
Cable and satellite TV channel E! has put a show in development called “Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills.”  This unscripted series features 20-something friends that are very wealthy.  The show is reportedly inspired by the blog “Rich Kids of Instagram.”

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Instagram Version 4.1 Lets You Upload Video From Your Camera Roll

Instagram Video Upload Camera Roll
Back in June, Instagram added the ability to upload videos.  Instagram has updated their app to version 4.1 to include one of the most requested features, which is the ability to upload videos from the phone’s media library regardless of when they were captured.
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