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Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk donates $1 million to Nikola Tesla Museum

Elon Musk
Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk has pledged $1 million to help complete the Nikola Tesla Museum, according to Matthew Inman of the web cartoon The Oatmeal. Musk also said that Tesla Motors will build a Supercharger for its electric vehicles in the museum parking lot. Musk is donating to the museum as part of The Oatmeal’s “Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum” project. The project started out as a crowdfunding campaign to buy back Nikola’s Tesla lab in 2012.

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Oatmeal Studios Explains Why They Are Suing The Oatmeal

Oatmeal Studios is a New England based card company that was started 35 years ago in Vermont.  The company is suing, a comic website founded by Matthew Inman. now has a partnership in place with Recycled Greetings to publish his cards.  Below is a statement that Oatmeal Studios sent out about the lawsuit:

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How The Oatmeal and Indiegogo Kept The Tesla Science Center Open

The Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe is excited to announce the successful completion of the Internet-based crowdfunding campaign that took place on  This effort was pushed by cartoonist Matthew Inman (known for  The Internet campaign raised $1,370,511 to help The Tesla Science Center buy Wardenclyffe, which is the only remaining laboratory in the world where scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla had worked.  The lab is based in Shoreham, NY.

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Matthew Inman Of The Oatmeal Raises Funding For Nikola Tesla Museum

Oatmeal Tesla Museum Project
In under one week, Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal was able to raise funding for a museum that celebrates the life of Nikola Tesla.  Inman passed the $850,000 goal.  The figure arrived after a $33,333 donation from filmmaker Joseph Sikorski.

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Google+ Starts To Rollout Vanity URLs, Trolls The Oatmeal

Google+ Logo

Google’s social network, Google+ now has vanity URLs to allow users to make it easy to find their profile pages.  Currently the profile pages of Google+ users have a long number string.  The personalized vanity URLs will be “available to people and pages worldwide,” but a specific date has not been made yet.

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The Oatmeal Creator Shares Photos Of Charity Money

The Oatmeal Charity
Matthew Inman is best known for being the comic artist behind the web comic The Oatmeal. Inman took photos of the $211,223.04 in cash that his supporters raised for charity. About one year earlier, Inman wrote a blog post bashing on FunnyJunk for stealing his comics and not linking back to his website.
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Tumblr Server Down-time Image Gets Created By Matthew Inman Of The Oatmeal

This is a huge win for The Oatmeal founder Matthew Inman. Tumblr has agreed to use an image created by Matthew Inman, the founder of This image is the equivalent of Twitter’s “fail whale,” or an image that appears when the website is down.
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Mini-Documentary About The Oatmeal Founder Matthew Inman From Last Call with Carson Daly [VIDEO]

Matthew Inman is one of my most favorite cartoonists on the Internet. He is the founder of has infographics that are very humorous, yet informative at the same time. One of my most favorite infographics that he made was “15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee.” Inman used to work for a marketing company and did not enjoy it much. Inman started a dating website called Mingle2 so he could make his own money. He used his viral marketing techniques and comics to get people to gain interest in the dating website. After he sold Mingle2, he decided to start a website dedicated to just the comics. Inman said that he found inspiration from Gary Larson’s cartoon The Far Side. Below is a mini-documentary about Matthew Inman from Last Call with Carson Daly.