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Microsoft Word for iPad enters top 10 in gross revenue

microsoft word ipad
Last week, Microsoft launched Microsoft Office for iPad. Now the Microsoft Word for iPad app has entered the top 10 on Apple’s App Store “Top Grossing” rankings. The app was released on March 27th and was ranked number 6 as of Sunday. Excel and PowerPoint are rapidly growing as well.
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Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) and Dell sign patent agreement covering Android, Chrome OS

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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Dell has signed a patent-licensing agreement to cover Android and Chrome OS devices. The deal was signed on March 26th and it is a continuation of a nearly 30-year business relationship between Microsoft and Dell to deliver world-class technologies to consumers.” 

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Microsoft open-sources early versions of MS-DOS and Microsoft Word

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Yesterday, Microsoft opened up the source code of early versions of MS-DOS and Word for Windows. The Computer History Museum curates some of the most significant historical software programs. The Computer History Museum will now make MS DOS 1.1 and 2.0 along with Microsoft Word for Windows 1.1a open-source. This will enable future generations of technologists understand the roots of personal computing.
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Microsoft is reportedly renaming ‘Windows Azure’ to ‘Microsoft Azure’

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According to ZDNet, Microsoft is expected to be rebranding “Windows Azure” to “Microsoft Azure.” Developers use the Azure service to build and manage applications in the cloud. Azure also powers the capabilities of the Microsoft Xbox One game platform. The Azure platform also supports Linux and Oracle workloads.

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Microsoft is expecting to close the Nokia deal in April

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Microsoft announced it was buying Nokia’s Devices & Services division for $7.2 billion in September. The deal was expected to close in Q1 of 2014, but this will probably not happen in this time-frame. Statements from Microsoft and Nokia indicate that the deal should be closing in April. Microsoft said that the deal is delayed because it is awaiting approval from anti-trust organizations in Asia.
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Rhapsody ends partnership with Echo Nest following Spotify acquisition

Rhapsody Logo
Rhapsody has announced it is ending its partnership with The Echo Nest, which was acquired by Spotify a few weeks ago. Rhapsody said it was never completely satisfied with recommendations from any third party and is going to develop its own music personalization service.

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Qik is shutting down on April 30th

Qik Logo
Qik is a video streaming service that was acquired by Skype for $150 million in Janaury 2011, which has announced it is shutting down on April 30th. Qik was founded in 2006 and had around 5 million users during the time of the acquisition. 

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Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) reportedly unveiling Office for iPad on Mar. 27


Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) chief executive officer Satya Nadella may be unveiling an iPad version of Microsoft Office on March 27th, according to sources with Reuters. This would be Nadella’s first big press appearance as head of the company. Microsoft Office is the company’s most profitable product. Nadella succeeded CEO Steve Ballmer earlier this year. Nadella will be talking to the press in San Francisco on May 27th. Investors have been pleading with Microsoft to release Office for Apple and Google mobile devices as it could generate around $2.5 billion in additional revenues per year. Microsoft released its note-taking app OneNote for free on the Mac App Store.