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Acer Is Expanding Their Android and Chromebook Line Instead Of Windows Line

Acer Logo
Every time Acer manufactures a Windows device, it comes at the opportunity cost of manufacturing Android-based devices instead.  Since Acer is seeing a slow-down in demand for Windows-based machines, Acer has decided to focus more on Chromebook and Android devices.

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Former Windows Head Steven Sinofsky Is Now Teaching At Harvard

Steven Sinofsky is the former head of Windows that stepped down last month.  He had worked as the head of Windows and was in charge of fixing the Windows Vista mess.  Sinofsky is returning to Harvard University as a professor starting this spring.  He served as a “visiting scholar” at the university in 1998.  He made the announcement about joining Harvard’s faculty on Twitter.  He will be teaching courses on product development and will be writing journal articles about the same subject.  His title will be the Executive in Residence at Harvard.

The Windows Logo Gets A Redesign

Microsoft Corporation has redesigned the Windows operating system logo to better reflect their Metro style design principles. Microsoft had a short list of agencies that they wanted to work with on the redesign of the logo and they worked directly with Pentagram on it. Pentagram is known for working with clients such as the Sundance Film Festival, TIME Magazine, Lands’ End, Grey Goose, and Guitar Hero.
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