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TiVo Settles Patent Lawsuit With Cisco, Motorola, and Time Warner

TiVo Logo
TiVo has made a patent settlement with Cisco Systems, Motorola Mobility, and Time Warner Cable.  The companies will be able to avoid a trial expected to start next week.  As part of the agreement, TiVo will receive $490 million from Google and Cisco.  TiVo will also sign a patent licensing deal with Cisco, Google, and Arris Group.  Google will collect the legal licensing fees on behalf of their subsidiary Motorola Mobility.  Google sold Motorola’s set-top making unit to Arris earlier this year.

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Dennis Woodside: The Moto X Phone Is Going To Be Built In The U.S.

Dennis Woodside
On Wednesday, Motorola announced that their next smartphone, known as the “Moto X,” will be built entirely in the United States.  Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed this information at the D11 conference hosted by AllThingsD.  Motorola is going to source the Moto X’s 1,100 components from around the world including 12 states in the U.S., Taiwan (processor), South Korea (OLED screen), but at least 70% of the components are going to be put together at a Motorola factory near Fort Worth, Texas.

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Apple iPhone Consumer Satisfaction Drops As Samsung and Motorola Increases

Tim Cook
According to an annual study, consumer satisfaction for the Apple iPhone is dropping at the gain of Samsung and Google subsidiary Motorola.  The Apple iPhone is seeing a slowdown in sales due to the constant release of new competitive products by Samsung and Motorola.

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Martin Cooper Made The First Cellphone Call 40 Years Ago Today

Exactly forty years ago, former Motorola vice president and division manager Martin Cooper (pictured below) made the first cellphone call.  The call in 1973 was made on Motorola’s DynaTAC phone while standing in front of the New York Hilton on Sixth Avenue.  The first call he made was to the head of research at Bell Labs, whom was also working on building the first cellphone.
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U.S. Judge Says Microsoft Xbox Is Not Violating Google’s Patents

A U.S. trade judge said that the Microsoft Xbox video game console is not violating patents belonging to Google through the acquisition of Motorola Mobility. U.S. International Trade Commission Judge David Shaw sided with Microsoft in this case, but his decision is subject to review by a six-member commission.

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Google Is Laying Off Around 10% Of Motorola’s Staff

When Google acquired Motorola, it was apparent that there would be cuts.  Google is going to be laying off another 10% of Motorola’s staff according to The Wall Street Journal.  A Wall Street Journal reporter said that he saw an e-mail from a Google employee that says “costs are too high, we’re operating in markets where we’re not competitive, and we’re losing money.” 

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Court Rules That Motorola Cannot Use FRAND Patents For Xbox 360 Injunction

Motorola Mobility attempted to ban the Xbox 360 by claiming a patent violation.  The International Trade Commission agreed that Microsoft was infringing on the patents, but Microsoft was claiming that Motorola wanted too much money to license the standards-essential patents so they fought the ban.

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Google Files A Complaint That Apple Is Withholding iOS 6 Source Code

Samsung Electronics recently added the iPad Mini, fifth generation iPod Touch, and fourth-generation iPad to a list of devices that violate their patents in a lawsuit.  Now Motorola Mobility is considering adding the same devices to their patent lawsuit in the Southern District of Miami, Florida.

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