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Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich resigns due to pressure over gay marriage viewpoints

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Brendan Eich was the CEO of Mozilla that stepped down due to controversy about support for California’s Proposition 8, which is against gay marriage. Dating website OKCupid sent out a landing page calling for the resignation of Eich. The landing page was shown to users that visited its website using Mozilla Firefox. OKCupid urged users to switch to a different browser.
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Mozilla decides to stop Firefox for Windows 8 Metro browser due to low usage

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Mozilla has decided to no longer push for the development of the Firefox for Windows 8 Metro browser due to low usage, according to a
Mozilla blog post. Mozilla was working on the browser for one and a half years.

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Mozilla is may sell promoted tile ads in Firefox browser

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Mozilla is going to start selling ads in the Firefox browser. The ads may be integrated into the new tab page. Publishers can purchased sponsored tiles that will appear along the normal tiles with a label that says “promoted.”
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Mozilla is adding Accounts, improved syncing, and a customizable UI to Firefox

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Mozilla has announced that they are adding several new features to Firefox. An Accounts feature is coming to the browser along with improved Sync. These features are available for testing in Firefox Aurora now.

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Firefox is releasing an Android launcher in a few weeks

Mozilla has announced that they are releasing an Android launcher in a few weeks with the mobile Firefox browser built-in. Mozilla is not building a launcher from the ground-up, but they are releasing a rebranded version of the EverythingMe launcher. The Firefox launcher will include universal search, smart folders, and related apps.
[Source: Mozilla/TheVerge]

Panasonic partners with Mozilla on smart TV initiative

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Panasonic has partnered with Mozilla, the company behind the popular Firefox web browser. Mozilla will be putting their software on smart TV sets starting with Panasonic. The Firefox OS will be used in smart TVs to let viewers watch Internet video and interact with friends online. Mozilla made the announcement at CES in Las Vegas.
[Source: ABC]

Google Paid Mozilla Around $300 Million In Royalties In 2012

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Mozilla has reported that they hit around $304.5 million in revenues from royalties in 2012, according to their annual release of financials.  Around 90% of those revenues came from Google.  Google renewed their search deal with Mozilla in late 2011.  Google committed to paying nearly $300 million per year.  One of the perks that Google receives is being the default search engine for the Mozilla Firefox web browser.
[Source: AllThingsD]

Firefox 25 Has A Guest Browsing Mode

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Mozilla has launched version 25 of the Firefox for Windows, OS X, Linux, and Android.  Some of the new features includes a guest browsing mode, mixed content blocking on Android, new CSS3 features, and Web Audio API support.
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