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Breaking News app now has proximity alerts

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NBC’s Breaking News app has been updated for iOS with proximity alerts. These are localized push notifications based on where you are currently. This could be more helpful than having alerts just for your “home” location because sometimes you may be traveling somewhere for a week or two and want to know what is happening around that area.

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NBC is reportedly shutting down ‘DailyCandy’ and ‘Television Without Pity’

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According to Re/Code, NBC will be shutting down DailyCandy and Television Without Pity (TWoP). The shutdown is expected to happen next week. DailyCandy is a local recommendations service that was acquired by Comcast for $125 million in 2008. Bravo acquired the TWoP TV review website in 2007. NBC attempted to sell both properties, but that did not work out. The shutdown will affect around 64 employees at DailyCandy and 3 employees at TWoP.
[Source: Re/Code]

NBC’s ‘Heroes’ is returning

NBC is going to reboot the show “Heroes” as part of a show called “Heroes Reborn.” The original “Heroes” series was cancelled in 2010. “Heroes Reborn” is expected to arrive in 2015 with 13 episodes. Heroes was a TV show that is like X-Men.
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NBC invests in NowThis News

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NBCUniversal News Group has bought a minority stake in NowThis News. NowThis News is an online video startup that creates short video news segments. The two companies will create short-form videos created by two companies.

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Comcast and NBC Signs Deal With Twitter

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Twitter has been used as a platform to discuss TV shows and soon people will be able use the micro-blogging service to watch shows also.  NBCUniversal and Comcast announced that they entered a partnership with Twitter.  Millions of Xfinity TV customers will be able to watch TV shows and movies through a new feature called See It.
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NBC News Acquires Stringwire

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NBC has acquired a startup company called Stringwire.  This acquisition is known as an acqui-hire, which is when an acquisition takes place more because of the employees and technology rather than the brand itself.  Stringwire makes it possible to share video shot from a smartphone in real-time.

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NBC Spent $195 Million To Buy Back MSNBC

According to a 10-K filing that Comcast filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, we have learned that NBCUniversal spent $195 million to buy back 50% of MSNBC.com from Microsoft.  The $195 million was covered with $100 million in cash and cash equivalents held at MSNBC.com that were acquired in the transaction.  The deal was signed this past July and NBCU redirected visitors from MSNBC.com to NBCNews.com.  NBCU also brought in the employees from MSNBC.com under their wing.  The purchase price valued MSNBC.com at about $500 million.

Comcast Is Paying $16.7 Billion For Remaining Stake In NBCUniversal

Comcast announced this week that they will be buying the remaining stake in NBCUniversal for $16.7 billion.  Comcast also released their Q4 earnings and they have announced a 20% increase in its dividend along with a $2 billion stock repurchase plan.

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