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PBS Documentary About Silicon Valley Airing On February 19th

Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, was the executive producer of a recently aired reality show called “Silicon Valley.”  Tech entrepreneurs and investors loathed that show and even compared it to the Jersey Shore.  PBS decided to focus on the actual innovation coming from the tech hub of the U.S. rather than the party lifestyle that some of the entrepreneurs have there.  PBS’ documentary on Silicon Valley will be called “American Experience” and it is airing on February 19th.  Check out the trailer below:

Bob Ross Gets Celebrated In Google Doodle

In this year’s election campaign, the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) was highlighted by Mitt Romney.  Romney said that if he was president, he would cut funding for PBS to help cut down the deficit.  Bob Ross, one of PBS’ most beloved show hosts, is the subject of a Google doodle today.  Mr. Ross had a PBS TV show called The Joy of Painting and he would have turned 70 years old today.  In the TV show, Mr. Ross talked about his paintings in a happy-go-lucky by saying things like, here are some “happy little trees.”  In the Google doodle, a squirrel (see video of Bob Ross feeding a squirrel here) is sitting on Mr. Ross’ shoulder while he paints the Google logo.  Mr. Ross died in 1995 after being diagnosed with cancer.

Sesame Street Asks President Obama To Take Down Big Bird Ad

During the presidential debate, Mitt Romney told a crowd of people that he would be interested in cutting the funding of TV network PBS even though he “loves Big Bird.”  Big Bird appeared on Saturday Night Liveto talk about the debate and how he gets a lot of tweets and how Sesame Street has WiFi.  President Barack Obama’s campaign put together an ad making fun of Mitt Romney’s viewpoint on cutting PBS’ funding using Big Bird as the central figure.  PBS and Sesame Street did not approve of the ad and they want it taken down.  Below is the statement that Sesame Street sent out:

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WATCH: Mr. Rogers Defending PBS In Front Of The Senate Circa 1969

You may remember that in the presidential debate, Republican candidate Mitt Romney said that if he were president he would be interested in cutting federal grants for public educational TV channel PBS.  In this video, you will see Mr. Rogers, a popular PBS actor, defending the funding of public educational television from 1969.  This video went viral again recently because of the presidential debate.  Check out the video below:

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WATCH: Julia Child Remixed

Julia Child is an American chef, author, and TV personality.  She is known for introducing French cuisine to the American public.  In celebration of her 100th birthday, PBS and John Boswell (YouTube user: melodysheep) have put together this video called “Julia Child Remixed.”  Check out the viral video below:

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WATCH: PBS Interviews Viral Video Experts

PBS Off Book has put together this video to explain how viral videos work.  The interview features Brad Kim of Know Your Meme, Jonah Peretti from BuzzFeed, Dan Gurewitch from CollegeHumor, etc.  If you are fascinated by Internet video culture, you will enjoy the video below:
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WATCH: PBS Auto-Tunes Bob Ross

PBS has auto-tuned Bob Ross, a paint and art instructor that had a show called “The Joy of Painting” on PBS for over a decade. This is the second time that a PBS TV host has been auto-tuned as Mister Roger was auto-tuned last month. The video was produced by John D. Boswell (known as YouTube user melodysheep). Ross’ show continued to air after Ross passed away and the show has been in syndication since then. Ross is known for describing the subjects he was drawing “happy little clouds.” I wish I could paint as good as Ross. Check out the auto-tuned video below:
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Broadcasters ABC, Fox, Univision, and PBS Files Charges Against Aereo TV Service

Aereo is a $12 per month cloud-based TV service that streams over-the-air channels to Internet devices. However broadcasters like ABC, Fox, Univision, and PBS has filed a complaint against Aereo claiming that the cloud TV service is infringing their copyright. The man behind Aereo is InterActiveCorp’s Barry Diller. The broadcasters are pushing to shut off the service despite the company’s plans to launch the service on March 14th. Aereo uses over-the-air signals that are free to everyone and retransmits them to individual “dime-sized antennas.” Aereo was planning on launching the service in Brooklyn first. The broadcasters are seeking damages and a permanent injunction. [paidcontent]