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Uber extending insurance coverage following fatal accident

Uber, the on-demand car sharing service, is adding coverage for the times when drivers are in-between rides. The change was made following criticism over how a situation was handled when an Uber car was involved in an accident that killed a six-year-old San Francisco girl. Uber is extending its insurance policy on Friday to provide coverage for independent drivers who have Uber apps online, but aren’t carrying passengers.
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Sidecar receives $10 million in funding

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Sidecar is a ride-sharing service where drivers will be able to set their prices. Passengers can choose from a list of drivers based on distances, car quality, ratings, and price. Sidecar is available in Chicago and Los Angeles right now.

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SideCar Acquires Heyride

SideCar is an on-demand ride sharing service that has acquired the assets of Austin, Texas based rival Heyride.  SideCar uses smartphones to connect drivers that have a car with people that need a ride.  The acquisition will help SideCar build their operational presence in Austin, Texas in time for the SXSW 2013 conference.

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