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Sparrow Posts

Gmail Now Supports 10GB Attachments Via Google Drive

One of Google’s core strengths is seamless integration of all of their services.  The latest example of this is Gmail’s integration of Gmail and Google Drive.

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Sparrow To Get Updated With iPhone 5 Support

Sparrow is an e-mail client that made using Gmail on an iPhone work much better.  The company will soon update their app with support for the larger screen on the iPhone 5.  This information was revealed in a tweet written by Sparrow founder Dominique Leca.  Google acquired Sparrow in July 2012.  This is the tweet that Dominique sent out:

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Google Acquires Sparrow To Make Gmail Work Better On Mobile Apps

Sparrow’s Dom Leca has reported on the Sparrow blog that the company has been acquired by Google.  Sparrow’s team will be rolled into Google’s Gmail division.  Sparrow is known for developing a better Gmail experience on iOS and on the Mac App Store than Google themselves.  Unfortunately, Sparrow apps will no longer receive new features.

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The Sparrow App Makes Gmail On The iPhone Better

The team at Sparrow has designed an app that makes mail work better on the iPhone. Sadly Google has not changed much when it comes to their mail app on the iPhone since 2007. They were so busy building a mobile operating system of their own. At first Sparrow started off as a desktop app for Mac in order to replace the outdated Mail app. People loved the Mac App Store app and started demanding an iPhone app. That app is available today.
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