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Spotify is now letting you sync your music for offline listening using one click

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Spotify has launched a new feature for premium subscribers that makes it easy to sync your entire library for offline listening. Now you can sync your whole library in one single tap. This feature went live on the Android version of the app recently and now it is also available for iOS in the latest update of the app. When you go to the “Songs” tab, simply tap the “Available Offline” button. Spotify will sync up to 3,333 songs and they will be available offline for 30 days. This feature is only available for premium users.

Sprint Corporation (S) partners with Spotify

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Sprint Corporation (NYSE:S) has made a deal with Spotify in order to capitalize on the streaming music services. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse announced Sound Sessions, which offers premium access to live events and Spotify. Sprint is including access to Spotify’s service with its Framily Plan.

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Sprint and Spotify is rumored to be partnering

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AT&T partnered with Beats Music earlier this year to offer its customers access to discounted subscriptions to the streaming music service. Now there is a rumor that Sprint will be setting up a similar deal with Spotify, according to Re/Code. The deal is expected to go live on April 29th. It is believed that Sprint will allow its customers to sign up for free Spotify trials and allow them to pay for the music service through the Sprint billing system. We’ll know more when the deal is made official. Stay tuned, folks.

Rhapsody ends partnership with Echo Nest following Spotify acquisition

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Rhapsody has announced it is ending its partnership with The Echo Nest, which was acquired by Spotify a few weeks ago. Rhapsody said it was never completely satisfied with recommendations from any third party and is going to develop its own music personalization service.

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Spotify acquires The Echo Nest

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Music streaming service Spotify has acquired The Echo Nest, which is a music discovery service. The Echo Nest was used for powering Spotify’s radio service. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek claims that this deal will lead to the “best music intelligence platform on the planet.”

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Spotify hints at IPO by hiring a U.S. financial reporting specialist

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Spotify, the popular music streaming service, is hiring a U.S. financial reporting specialist, which hints at an IPO coming sometime in the near future. According to a banker source with Reuters, Spotify could be valued at as much as $8 billion.
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Forgotify helps you discover the 4 million unheard tracks on Spotify

Did you know that there are 4 million unheard tracks on Spotify? That is around 20% of their catalog. This is why Lane Jordan put together a service called Forgotify. He worked with this project with his friends J. Hausmann and Nate Gagnon. Forgotify has created a database to crawl Spotify’s API for songs that have a play count of zero. After the song has been played once, it disappears from the website but lives on in Spotify unlikely to be found again. Many of Spotify’s undiscovered tracks are older songs.

Spotify: App is now free on tablets, smartphone app gets shuffle feature, Led Zeppelin catalog added

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Spotify has announced today that their app for the iPad and Android tablets are now available for free as of today. In the past, the tablet app was only available for people willing to shell out $10 per month. The Spotify desktop or browser-based program is available for fee.
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