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Square raises hundreds of millions of debt financing

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Mobile payments company Square has secured a revolving credit facility that is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, according to Re/Code. The new funding was part of a deal led by Goldman Sachs with participation from Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, Barclays, and Silicon Valley Bank. “Securing access to low-cost capital always makes financial sense, even for a well-capitalized company like Square,” stated a Square spokesperson in an interview.

Square Markets will now accept Bitcoin

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Square Markets is going to start accepting Bitcoins as a legit payment option, said Square Market Lead Ajit Varma in a blog post. Buyers will receive a QR code and information needed to buy anything. Square partnered with Bitcoin processor service Coinbase to accept the currency. Square Market will take a 2.75% cut from each sale.
[Source: Square Blog]

Square postpones IPO

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Square has postponed their initial public offering. Square is the mobile payments startup that was created by former Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, according to FOX Business. In Q4 2013, Square discussed a 2014 IPO with investment bankers and Nasdaq executives.
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Square has acquired BookFresh

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Square is a mobile payments company that has acquired
BookFresh. BookFresh is known for scheduling customer appointments for merchants. BookFresh is a self-serve platform for small businesses that need online scheduling services. BookFresh is considered an “OpenTable for everything but restaurants.”

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Square is testing a food ordering service

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Square is currently testing a food ordering service called Square Pickup. Square Pickup lets you order food ahead of time from a Square merchant and pick it up later.
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Videos: Square has launched a new national ad campaign

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Mobile payments company Square has launched a new national ad campaign featuring six new TV commercials. The TV ads run at around 15 seconds each. The commercials highlights Square’s signature product called the Square Reader, which lets vendors accept credit card payments using a smartphone or tablet.
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Square Cash lets you request money from friends

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Square Cash is a service that lets you request money from friends. Today you can CC the e-mail address request@square.com in an e-mail instead of cash@square.com to request money from one or more friends. The recipients will receive an e-mail with a button that says “Send Cash.”
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Square signs deal with Whole Foods

Square has signed a deal with Whole Foods. This is the first deal that Square has made with a major grocery store chain. Square also has a major partnership in place with Starbucks.
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