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StumbleUpon Acquired Video Recommendation App 5by Earlier This Month

5by Logo
StumbleUpon has acquired a video recommendation app company called 5by.  Judging by the screenshot of the app, it almost looks like a Songza for videos.  The app detects the time and makes recommendations based on what your mood will most likely be, just like what Songza does for music.
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StumbleUpon Hits Profitability, Expects To Hit $40M Revenues This Year

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StumbleUpon is a popular link sharing website where users can find interesting content randomly based on certain preferences by tapping on the “Stumble” button.  Once encountering that random website, they can like or dislike the website by tapping on the associated thumb icon.
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Garrett Camp Steps Down As StumbleUpon CEO

StumbleUpon co-founder and CEO Garrett Camp has stepped down from the company. He will remain as Chairman of the board though. StumbleUpon is now looking for a new CEO. Camp has been CEO of StumbleUpon for 10 years since he created it as a grad student. He was CEO when eBay bought the company for $75 million and when he bought it back with several investors. StumbleUpon has 25 million registered users. “It was my first job and my first love,” said Camp. Camp also founded an on-demand ride service called Uber and he is chairman there as well.

Why People Are Not Protesting The New StumbleUpon

As an avid user of StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Hacker News, etc., I found an article written by Brent Csutoras on SearchEngineLand intriguing. Csutoras was curious about why people are not protesting the new version of StumbleUpon when compared to the DiggBar.
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StumbleUpon Overhauls Design With More Of A Focus On Brands

StumbleUpon, the Internet discovery toolbar company that recently hit 20 million users, has overhauled their design entirely. StumbleUpon users can now feed them information from specific brands like Audi,, AOL, Disney, ESPN, etc. StumbleUpon users can also subscribe specifically to celebrities like Tom Hanks and Magic Johnson.
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StumbleUpon Surpasses Facebook In Social Media Traffic Delivery [REPORT]

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According to StatCounter, StumbleUpon has surpassed Facebook in delivering social media referral traffic. Now StumbleUpon delivers half of all social media traffic in the U.S. This does not surprise me considering that StumbleUpon hit 25 billion clicks earlier this month on their Stumble button.

StumbleUpon Adds Keyword Stumbling with the Explore Box

StumbleUpon just launched a new feature that will allow users to Stumble through content-specific pages based on a keyword search. The Explore Box expands on StumbleUpon’s previous method of providing content based on a selection of about 500 topics. GigaOm reports that the feature will be added to StumbleUpon’s mobile apps but is currently only in the web app.

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StumbleUpon Hits 25 Billion Clicks

StumbleUpon celebrated 25 billion clicks of the Stumble! button on Wednesday. The company sees more than 1 billion stumbles per month, and turns 10 years old this November. StumbleUpon’s community manager Monica Semergiu announced the milestone via Twitter. [Mashable]