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T-Mobile is going to pay your termination fees if you switch to them

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One of the biggest nuisances of signing a contract with telecommunication carriers is dealing with the early termination fees (ETFs) involved with switching. However, T-Mobile is making is encouraging people to switch to them. T-Mobile will now cover your early termination fee if you switch to them. T-Mobile is also going to give people that switch to them an instant credit on old phones for up to $300.

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The story of T-Mobile CEO John Legere getting kicked out of an AT&T party

John Legere
Here’s an interesting story: AT&T attempted to buyout T-Mobile in 2011 for $39 billion. Government regulators blocked the deal so AT&T gave T-Mobile a break-up free and they continued to be bitter rivals. Fast forward to 2013 and now T-Mobile CEO John Legere (pictured above) is getting kicked out of AT&T’s CES party. Legere was named CEO of T-Mobile in September 2012 and has been driving T-Mobile’s unique “uncannier” plans.
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The Sony Xperia Z1S is a waterproof smartphone that is coming to T-Mobile

Sony Xperia Z1S
Sony has announced the Sony Xperia Z1S at CES 2014. The Sony Xperia Z1S is coming to T-Mobile later this month. T-Mobile is the exclusive carrier of the Sony Xperia Z1S. It will be available starting January 22nd. The T-Mobile website will start selling the device online starting January 13th. The total retail price of the Sony Xperia Z1S is $528, but it can be split into 24 monthly payments. The Sony Xperia Z1S will be the first smartphone to come preloaded with the PlayStation App that can connect to a PS4. The Sony Xperia Z1S is waterproof with IP55/58 certification.
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T-Mobile is buying spectrum from Verizon for $2.3 billion

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T-Mobile is buying 700MHz A-block spectrum licenses from Verizon Wireless. The spectrum licenses make it possible to regulate radio frequencies to allow for wireless communication.
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AT&T announces up to $450 in credits to switch from T-Mobile

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T-Mobile US CEO John Legere has been making bold moves with “Uncarrier” plans. This forced other carriers to make similar moves by offering a frequent device upgrade program. AT&T has announced that it is offering up to $450 in credits for customers for switching to them from T-Mobile. AT&T’s offering up to $250 for trading in their current smartphone as part of their usual trade-in plan and an additional $200 for transferring their wireless service to AT&T.

Report: SoftBank nearing deal to buyout T-Mobile

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SoftBank is inching closer towards locking in a deal to buy-out T-Mobile, according to Nikkei. SoftBank wants to make the purchase of T-Mobile through Sprint as part of a deal worth around $19-$20 billion. SoftBank will need to clear regulatory approval from the FCC and Justice Department though. If the deal does go through, then there will be three major telecommunication carriers rather than four.

Report: Sprint may make a bid for T-Mobile in 2014

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Sprint is working on making a bid for T-Mobile U.S., according to sources with The Wall Street Journal. If the merger takes place, there would be three giant telecommunications companies in the U.S. rather than four. Sprint is researching regulatory concerns and may launch a bid in the first half of next year. The deal could be worth more than $20 billion depending on the size of T-Mobile stake that Sprint tries to buy.

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T-Mobile US Inc (TMUS) has plans to double LTE speeds using MetroPCS spectrum

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T-Mobile US Inc (NYSE:TMUS) is planning to use spectrum that they acquired from MetroPCS Communications to activated faster LTE services in several cities. One of the first cities to benefit from the increased spectrum is Dallas, Texas. The 10-by-10 LTE service will be pushed into 40 out of the top 50 markets by the end of the year.  The company is also working on a service called 20-by-20, which doubles the 20MHz spectrum that is used by LTE networks and will be rolled out next year. The 20-by-20 service works on any LTE capable device.