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Sergey Brin Discusses Google Glass On TEDTalks

Sergey Brin
In one the most recent TEDTalks, Google co-founder Sergey Brin discussed why his team at the company wanted to build Google Glass, the gadget with an eye-mounted camera and computer built into a pair of glasses.  Brin opened up his speech with a joke by looking at his mobile phone and saying that he was sorry for looking at an e-mail from a Nigerian prince that needs help getting $10 million.  Brin said “I like paying attention to these because that’s how we originally funded the company and it’s gone pretty well.”

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The Knight Foundation Donates $9 Million To TED, Code For America, and NYU’s GovLab

The Knight Foundation is an organization that pushes support around “quality journalism.”  The Knight Foundation has donated $9 million to three national organizations that focus on civic technology and engagement.  The donees are TED, Code for America, and the NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.  The funding was part of The Knight Foundation’s Tech for Engagement Initiative.  The goal of the initiative is to influence technology in order to shape and transform democracy by letting people engage with each other in unique ways.  The $9 million is being split between the 3 organizations.

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The Onion Parodies TED With A Faux “Social Media Expert”

The Onion has uploaded this parody video of TED Talks as part of a series called “Onion Talk.” In the Onion Talk video, a faux “social media expert that said “I’m a successful social media consultant, even though I’ve never had a thought or original idea in my life.”  Check out the funny video below:
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TED Talks Hits 1 Billion Views

Keynote speeches from the TED Talks conferences from around the world have hit 1 billion views as of November 12th. TED first started out with 6 videos with a small team and help from partners. TED curator Chris Anderson worked with some of the most influential people in the world to make a playlist of their favorite TED Talks. TED was founded in 1984. The annual conference started in 1990.

WATCH: TED Education Explains How Big Is Infinity

TEDEducation has put together this viral video that explains “How Big Is Infinity?”  The video uses the fundamentals of set theory to explore the concept of the “infinity of infinities.”  This lesson was put together by Dennis Wildfogel and the animation was put together by Augenblick Studios.  Check out the video below:

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WATCH: Animation Of The Survival Of The Sea Turtle

From the time that sea turtles are born until the point these sea creatures grow, they face a plethora of challenges. Turtles have been around since the time of the dinosaurs, but human pollution and interference have drastically made it harder for them to survive. Below is an animation created by Scott Gass, Veronica Wallenberg, and Johan Sonestedt discussing the plight of the sea turtle. This video was presented by TED. Check out the animation video below:
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TED Now Has An iPhone App

The TED application has been available on the iPad for about a year, but now the app is available on the iPhone. The iPhone version of the app has the same access to TED’s lectures as the iPad version. You can bookmark and download TED lectures via WiFi. This makes it easier and faster to download and watch TED lectures to your iPhone than downloading them through the iTunes app. You can even stream them to your home TV using Airplay or listen to TEDRadio, the audio-only version of the discussions. You can download the app from the Apple App Store now. [iTunes App Store]

Bill Gates Lets Loose Mosquitoes at TED

(Photo Credit: James Duncan Davidson for TED)

“Not only poor people should experience this,” stated Microsoft founder Bill Gates at the Technology Entertainment Design (TED) conference in Long Beach, California.  Gates said this as he was opening a jar full of mosquitoes during his speech.  Gates was doing this as a statement that malaria is a major problem in countries such as Africa and South East Asia.  Malaria is often times transmitted by mosquito bites.  Gates’ way of presenting this issue got the whole room tweeting.

Founder of Seesmic Loic Le Meur wrote a Twitter message saying “Bill Gates released mosquitoes at #TED we’re all leaving the room and getting sick.”  eBay founder Pierre Omidyar tweeted “That’s it, I’m not sitting up front anymore.”  Twitter and Blogger founder Evan Williams tweeted “Bill Gates just let live misquitos out on stage. (@sara would be pissed if she were here.)”

Fortunately for audience members, the mosquitoes had no viruses.  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hope to significantly reduce malaria-related deaths by 2015.