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“The Daily” Staff Sings Farewell In A Music Video

News Corporation is shutting down The Daily.  This is why their staff members put together this music video to the tune of the song “So Long, Farewell.”  The Daily started as an iPad-only publication in February 2011 and they hit around 100,000 subscribers in their first year.  The subscription was $0.99 per week, but it costed News Corporation around $53 million per year to produce the publication.  A lot of the workers are being laid off and some of them will work for The Post.  Around 50 of the 170 staff members of The Daily was laid off in July.  Check out the music video below:
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News Corporation Is Shutting Down The Daily

News Corporation announced today that they are shutting down the iPad-only digital newspaper publication known as The Daily effective December 15, 2012.  The Daily will become part of a brand in “other channels” like The New York Post according to a News Corporation press release.  The New York Post will adopt The Daily’s technology section and other components.

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The Daily Lays Of 30% Of Employees

Earlier this month, we reported that The Daily was losing $30 million per year.  The Daily is a digital publication that is run by News Corporation.  Now the company is laying off one-third of their 170 employees to “streamline its production, focus resources on its most popular features, and reflect the changing business environment for news and media.”  The design and production teams at the company were pretty large.  That team will be hit very hard.  The sports editors will be hard too because now they will be replaced by Fox Sports syndication.

News Corp’s The Daily Loses $30 Million Per Year

The Daily is a daily digital newspaper that is available on the iPad and Android tablets.  Only recently has the publication become available to smartphones.  The biggest problem right off the bat when they launched that the content becomes obsolete in one day.  Most traditional publications usually churn out editions every week or month.  This puts a lot of pressures on their reporters that have to go through tons of edits every day.
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News Corp’s The Daily Is Coming To Android

News Corp’s The Daily digital newspaper made its debut on the Apple iPad and soon it will be coming to Android as well. According to a source with AllThingsD, News Corp. is preparing to launch an Android version in the second quarter of this year. Apple worked closely with News Corp. to create the app and it became one of the first apps to go under the Apple subscription model.

Stephen Colbert Bashes On The Daily [VIDEO]

This past week on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert decided to bash on News Corp’s The Daily iPad newspaper. Colbert said he was impressed by the product and said it offers “all the convenience of using your iPad to read the news online, but without the Internet’s annoying habit of being completely free.” Colbert also pointed out that The Daily is being praised by all of the media that is owned by Rupert Murdoch. Check out the video below.
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The Daily Interviews The Winklevoss Brothers [VIDEO]

In today’s issue of The Daily, there was an interview with the Winklevoss brothers. The Winklevoss brothers are currently pursuing a lawsuit against Facebook. The brothers had almost settled the lawsuit for $65 million in cash and stock in the company. In the interview, one of the brothers said that Mark Zuckerberg is the type of person that could “shake your hand and say and act and verbalize like you know… he’s behaving a good faith… and then do the exact opposite.”

The Daily iPad Newspaper Takes A Long Time To Load?

John Gruber has subscribed to The Daily iPad newspaper. He reported that he read three issues over the last three days and his opinion about it has declined because of the load time involved. Gruber said that from the time he tapped the icon until the issue fully loaded, it took one minute and twenty seconds on Wi-Fi.
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