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Twitter may soon tell you how many people saw your tweets

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Twitter is testing a feature that would let users see how many people viewed a specific tweet. TheVerge received a tip from a user named Lydia J. Lydia sent a screenshot to TheVerge from the Twitter iOS app that showed how many people viewed her specific tweets. This may encourage users to become more active on Twitter.
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Jimmy Kimmel posts a selfie with Clinton family

Jimmy Kimmel, host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” has posted a selfie on his Twitter account that features the Clinton family. Kimmel posted the picture after he interviewed the Clinton family. The selfie is a response to the record-breaking tweet that Ellen DeGeneres sent during the 2014 Oscars. Kimmel’s tweet was sent over 23 hours ago and hit around 7,760 retweets and was “favorited” over 8,000 times.
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Twitter #Music is shutting down

Twitter #Music
Twitter has shut down the #Music mobile app.The app was taken down from the App Store on Friday afternoon and will stop working on devices that it was already downloaded on starting April 18th. Twitter introduced #Music a year ago to help users discover new artists and songs.

How to see your first tweet

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Twitter has released a new tool that lets you see the first tweet that you have written. You can actually see the first tweet that anyone has written based on their username. You can find out someone’s #firsttweet by visiting Below are the first tweets from several prominent users.
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Twitter Inc (TWTR) Dick Costolo CEO to receive PEN award

Dick Costolo
Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) CEO Dick Costolo will be receiving a PEN award on May 5th along with popular author Salman Rushdie. The award will be given on May 5th in New York at the annual gala that takes place at the PEN American Center. 

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#Whaling becomes a new trend on Vine

Whaling Vine
Why are people going #whaling on Vine? Sometimes trends like Tebowing, planking, and doing the Harlem shake go viral. One of the newest trends involves diving backwards in a public or unusual place similar to how whales breach the surface of the ocean. Below are some of the funniest #whaling videos on Vine.
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Twitter paid IBM $36 million to acquire patents and avoid a lawsuit

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On Thursday, Twitter revealed their first annual financial results. In the document, it was revealed that Twitter paid IBM $36 million for a group of patents. Why did Twitter buy the patents?
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Ellen’s Oscar tweet led to a $3 million Samsung donation

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Ellen DeGeneres took a selfie and posted it on Twitter during the Oscars. Over 3.2 million people retweeted the selfie. She wrote the tweet using a Samsung smartphone so the electronics giant decided to donate $3 million to the charities of Ellen’s choice. The charities include St. Jude’s and the Humane Society.
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