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U.S. Treasury Plans To Sell 30 Million Shares Of General Motors Company (GM)

According to The New York Times, the Treasury Department reported today that they are planning to sell 30 million shares of General Motors Company (NYSE:GM).  This news comes on the heels that General Motors is going to be reinserted into the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index.  In the past, the Treasury Department made it clear that they were going to sell their 300 million shares of GM (around 18% of the company) by early 2014.  The Treasury Department said that they will sell the shares through predefined written trading plans.

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General Motors Buying Back 200 Million Shares From The U.S. Treasury

General Motors is spending $5.5 billion to buy back 200 million shares back from the U.S. Treasury by the end of the year.  The Treasury is planning to sell their remaining stake in General Motors over the next 15 months.    The government is planning to sell their remaining stake of 300 million shares on the open market in the next 12-15 months.  GM is paying $27.50 per share, which is an 8% premium over the company’s closing price of $25.49.

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Apple Has More Money than the US Government

Apple, with a cash reserve of more than $75 billion, now has more money than the US government, which currently has an operating balance of about $73 billion. What happens when a company has more money than the government? Probably nothing, other than the government feeling a little ashamed of itself. [The Atlantic]

Benjamin Franklin Goes 3-D On The New $100 Bill [VIDEO]

The new $100 bill has a 3D Security Ribbon in order to fight counterfeiters. When you tilt around the bill, you will notice digits and bell images appear to pop-out. The U.S. Treasury even uploaded a YouTube video talking about how advanced the new bill is. I don’t know whether Ben Franklin would think this is too much or think it is fancy. Check out the video below:
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