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University Of Michigan is designing a fake open city for testing self-driving cars

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The University of Michigan is launching a Mobility Transformation Facility this fall to test automated and wirelessly connected vehicles. The 32-acre facility will give researchers access to roadways, a four-lane highway, city streets with road signs, and street lights.
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Ford Motor Company (F) And University Of Michigan Partner On New Battery Lab

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Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) and the University of Michigan has partnered on a new $8 million battery lab.  The battery lab opened today and it will help Ford develop batteries that are smaller, lighter, and less expensive.  This lab was designed to support pilot projects.
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Thomson Reuters and University of Michigan To End Early Access For Market Data

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Thomson Reuters and the University of Michigan is suspending an early provision that is sent to a small group of clients that closely watched their consumer sentiment data.  The ending of the early reports is taking place due to a request from the New York Attorney General.  The University of Michigan and Thomson Reuters has an agreement in place to allow some of their clients to receive data 2 seconds before other clients.

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How A 3D Printed Splint Helped Save A Baby

April and Bryan Gionfriddo’s 20-month-old son Kaiba stopped breathing every day due to a collapsed bronchus blocking the flow of air to his lungs.  A specially designed splint was placed in Kaiba on February 9, 2012 at the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.  The split was sewn around his airway to help expand the bronchus and it was given a skeleton to aid proper growth.  The splint will be reabsorbed by the body in the next three years.  This case was featured recently by the New England Journal of Medicine.  The 3D biomaterial printing process can be used to build a number of tissue structures.
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WATCH: University of Michigan Students Interrupt Biology Lecture With Musical Wedding Flash Mob

During a Biology 171 lecture at the University of Michigan, an A Cappella group interrupted the lecture.  A podium was brought in and the bridal party started walking down the aisles.  The lecture turned into a wedding venue.  The group was around 54 students and the prank included eight cameras, 2,000 rose petals, and a bunch of fake mustaches.  The professor was even a good sport about it and he said that “this will be on the exam, okay?”  The prank lasted around 3.5 minutes and the video has hit tens of thousands of views already.  The video was uploaded by YouTube user 412Nathan and the group cleaned up everything at the end of the lecture including the rose petals.  Check out the video below:

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Columbus Ohio Radio Station 97.1 Fires Scott Torgerson For Tweeting That He Hopes Desmond Howard Would Die

Scott Torgerson is a radio talk show host from Columbus, Ohio.  He worked for ESPN radio affiliate 97.1 The Fan, but was fired two weeks after he tweeted a death wish about former University of Michigan star and college football analyst Desmond Howard.  ON Twitter, Mr. Torgerson wrote “I wish Desmond Howard would get fired or die so I can watch Gameday again.”  Later he deleted the Twitter account that he wrote that on @myguythetorg.  The Fan suspended Mr. Torgerson indefinitely.

Torgerson’s tweet spread across the media earlier this month as pushed by Mr. Howard’s wife.  Desmond Howard is an analyst for College Gameday.  After the tweet was posted, Desmond Howard’s co-worker Kirk Herbstreit talked on his own radio show about the tweet.

Columbus, Ohio, the city that is home of the Ohio State University, is known to have an intense rivalry with Ann Arbor, Michigan, the home of the University of Michigan.

Mr. Torgerson’s tweet was supposed to be a joke, but as a media personality he should have been aware that the words you use online and off- have consequences.



Hacker Group Team GhostShell Targets Web Servers For Top 100 Universities Worldwide

Late last month and early this month, there was a group of hackers by the name Team GhostShell has attempted to penetrate the servers at top 100 universities including Harvard University, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and Tokyo University.  The hacker project was known as Project WestWind according to the group’s website on  Specifically at MSU they tried to get into four web servers used for websites stated Michigan State University spokesman Kent Cassella.

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WATCH: Ohio State Marching Band Does A Video Game Themed Performance

During the half-time show at this week’s Nebraska and Ohio State football game, the Ohio State marching band put together an amazing performance.  The 10-minute performance included some classic game songs with sound effects for Super Mario Brothers, Halo, Tetris, and Pokemon.  They even marched in formations that made them look like characters from the game in aerial view.  Way to go, Buckeyes.  At the 7:30 mark, you will see the school take down the Michigan flag and put up an Ohio State flag in the Mario castle.  Gotta love college football rivalry!  Check out the video below:

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