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Y Combinator portfolio companies exceed $30 billion in value

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Y Combinator, the startup accelerator company founded by Paul Graham, has a solid track record in the companies that it funds. Y Combinator’s business model revolves around giving startups a small amount of money, but it offers a comprehensive set of resources. Y Combinator trains the startups to get into shape and refine pitches to investors. The companies present their products to an invite-only audience for its Demo Day. The Y Combinator alumni network continues to help the founders for the life of the company and beyond even after Demo Day.

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Box acquires cloud-based file company Streem

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Box is a cloud-based file management company that has acquired Streem. Streem is a startup that lets customers tram files to their desktop environments, which participated in the Y Combinator accelerator program.

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Q&A website Quora has joined Y Combinator

Y Combinator has announced that Q&A website Quora.com is joining its Summer class of startups. This is a first for Y Combinator because it has never invested in a late-stage company like Quora.

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Airbnb closes $500 million in funding with $10 billion valuation

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According to TechCrunch, Airbnb, has closed on a $500 million round of funding led by private equity firm TPG with a $10 billion valuation. Airbnb is a fast growing website that lets users rent out their properties to make some extra cash and allow travelers to save some money. Airbnb has raised a total of $826 million. It is believed that Allen & Co. helped put together this round for Airbnb.

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Y Combinator names four new partners

This week, Y Combinator has added four new partners to the team under new president Sam Altman. Altman made the announcement in a blog post. Y Combinator’s outreach director Kat Manalac was promoted to the partner position. Stripe CEO Patrick Collison, Science Exchange CEO Elizabeth Iorns, and AeroFS CEO Yuri Sagalov are joining as part time partners. The three of them are all Y Combinator alumni.



Paul Graham steps back as head of Y Combinator

Paul Graham
Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham has stepped down from the position as the head of the program. Sam Altman was named as the president of the Y Combinator starting next batch. 
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Celery raises $2 million in seed funding

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Celery is a store builder service for online and mobile shopping. The startup has raised $2 million in a seed round of funding from Y Combinator, SV Angel, Max Levchin, and several other investors. Celery plans to use funding for building their team and extending their platform features for becoming an embeddable and mobile-centric storefront for merchants.
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Apportable has raised $5 million to help developers convert iOS games to Android

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Apportable is a startup that has raised $5 million in funding for driving the conversion of iOS games to Android. Apportable was founded by Collin Jackson and Ian Fischer out of Y Combinator in 2011. The company aims to help developers port their apps to multiple platforms without having to sacrifice quality. Apportable makes it possible to use the same code for iOS and Android.
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