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April Fools’ Day: YouTube is behind every viral video

Google video website has put together a viral video that reveals that the company was behind every viral video. Now YouTube will let the public decide the viral video trends for 2014. Some of the viral video ideas that YouTube has in mind include “Clocking,” “Butter Failing,” “Finish Lining,” and “Baby Shaming.”

Yahoo! reportedly hiring stars from YouTube

New Yahoo! Logo
Yahoo! has been looking for ways to compete with Google’s YouTube as part of an effort to increase market share in the video market.

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This dad turned videos of his toddler into action movies

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 2.28.18 PM
This kid’s dad is awesome. He took videos of his toddler and turned them into action movies.
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Google Inc (GOOG) and Viacom have settled the YouTube lawsuit

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Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Viacom have settled its copyright infringement lawsuit regarding clips uploaded to YouTube. This legal battle has been ongoing for seven years. An agreement was settled out of court. Viacom is known as the parent company of media brands like Comedy Central, MTV and Paramount Pictures.

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Vobile buys Blayze, a YouTube analytics startup

Blayze Logo
Vobile is a content identification company that has acquired video analytics startup called Blayze in order to better target YouTube networks and other publishers. Both of Blayze’s co-founders will join Vobile and will establish a new L.A. office. The acquisition is part cash and part stock.
[Source: GigaOM]

Video: Homeless man winning small lottery prize makes you want to pay it forward

I found a video on Reddit where a homeless man was given a fake winning lottery ticket. The staff at the gas station was given some money to give to the homeless man in exchange for the fake lottery ticket. I’m not going to reveal the amount given in this article to prevent spoilers. But what the homeless man does immediately after receiving the money is truly heartwarming. Check out the video above as put together by MagicOfRahat.

Jimmy Kimmel turns YouTube memes into Hollywood movie trailers

David after Dentist… Charlie Bit My Finger… Double Rainbow Guy… Keyboard Cat… You may recognize some of these YouTube memes. What if they were turned into Hollywood movie trailers that started with “In a world…” Jimmy Kimmel and several celebrities have put together some hilarious skits that highlight the YouTube memes in a Hollywood trailer format. Check them all out here:
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Adrian Anchondo parodies Beyonce with ‘Dunkin Love’

Mmmmm donuts. Adrian Anchondo has put together a hilarious parody of one of Beyonce’s newest singles: Drunk In Love. This parody video is called Dunkin Love. The parody video hit over 260,000 views since going live on Feb. 25th.