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WATCH: President Obama Sings SexyBack Thanks To Baracksdubs

Baracksdubs is known for taking various clips from President Obama speaking and mashing them up to match the lyrics of popular songs.  We have seen Baracksdubs do it with U Can’t Touch This, Hot N’ Cold, and Born This Way.  In this video, we see President Obama singing Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack.”  Check out the video below:
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Hadouken The Band Proves People Are Awesome (2013 Edition)

Hadouken The Band is known for creating video montages that feature people being awesome.  The 2010 version of the “People Are Awesome” video hit over 55 million views.  The band has gotten back together again for the 2013 version and it has hit over 152,000 views within one day.  Check out the video below (after the jump from the homepage):
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CDZA Sings “Fresh Prince Theme” As Translated By Google

CDZA uploaded this viral video on January 15th and they have hit over 1.46 million views so far.  CDZA took the “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” theme song and plugged it into Google Translate for various languages.  Then they reversed it back to English and sang the results in the video below.  The song was translated into Russian, Spanish, Mandarin, and other languages.  Check out the video below:

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Improv Everywhere’s No Pants Subway Ride 2013 Goes Viral

On Sunday January 13, 2013, Improv Everywhere arranged for tens of thousands of people to take their pants off and ride the subway in 60 cities and 25 countries around the world.  Below is the video of the event taking place in New York City.  The video was uploaded on January 14th and it hit 5.24 million YouTube views.

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WATCH: A Flash Mob Hits An Unemployment Office in Spain

YouTube user Carne Cruda uploaded this video of a flash mob hitting an unemployment office in Spain.  Musicians stood up from their seats to play the song “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles.  This video has hit around 1.4 million views in 10 days.  Spain is in the midst of a major recession as of right now, which is why this video especially comes off as uplifting.  Check out the video below:
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WATCH: A Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL Goes Viral

YouTube user BadLipReading is known for making some very funny viral videos.  In their videos, they remove the audio from various clips and insert their own voices while taking the mouth movement into account.  Some of my favorite quotes from this clip include “finger time!” and “I want cake now!”  This video has hit over 11.5 million views in 3 days.


Angela Trimbur Dances At The LAX Airport [VIRAL VIDEO]

Angela Trimbur is known for dancing like nobody is watching in public places.  In one of her latest videos, she is dancing to the song “Telephone” by The Black Angels at the Los Angeles LAX airport.  Ever since this video was uploaded on December 31st, this video has hit hundreds of thousands of YouTube video views.  Check out the video below:
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Microsoft Claims Google Execs Are Blocking A YouTube App For Windows Phone

Google has created some amazing applications for the Google Android and Apple iOS platform.  Even though Google competes against Apple iOS, the company has created rock-solid Google Maps, Gmail, and YouTube applications for the platform.  However they seem to be avoiding Windows Phone according to accusations from Microsoft.  Microsoft claims that Google executives are forcing YouTube not to build an application for Windows Phone.  This makes using YouTube on Windows Phone a mediocre experience.  Microsoft claims that their sources are YouTube employees.