A Few Flickr Updates: GeoTagging, Personal Places, And Microsoft Partnership

Posted Oct 19, 2007

Windows Live Photo Gallery Integration:
Michael Palermiti, a Program Manager at Windows Live announced yesterday that they have officially enabled easy-upload from Windows Live Photo Gallery to Yahoo!’s Flickr.  Windows Live Photo Gallery is a software application that imports photos from digital cameras and sorts them based on date, time, rating, tags, etc.

For Flickr integration to work, users must have Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista.  Users also have to download Live Photo Gallery Beta 2 and also run a Windows updates with a Microsoft Updates enabled.  After those requirements are taken care of, then users input their Flickr Account information and then click on Publish.

GeoTagging is a new Flickr feature in which location metadata are attached to images.  GeoTagging already exists on Flickr, but is being enhanced.  Users will be able to find pictures specific to locations will be easier through the use of tags.  Another interesting addition to GeoTagging is that when users upload photos from GPS-enabled mobile devices, there is an option for locations to be auto-tagged.

Places Pages:
Places Pages also makes filtering easier for searching for objects in specific locations.  An example TechCrunch gave is that when users type in China/bicycle, Places Pages will find popular pictures of bicycles in China.

By partnering with Microsoft, Yahoo! is making a step towards competing with Google.  Google’s Picasa seems to be currently dominating the market for photo software.  Over one billion photos are uploaded on Flickr as of right now.

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