A Look at Online Document Collaboration Company, Pytagor Inc.

Posted Mar 15, 2007

I recently received an e-mail from Mark Berlioz, the CIO about his product, Pytagor Inc. Pytagor is an online application that allows you to manage, access, and store documents, bookmarks, RSS feeds, music, photos, videos, etc. Registration and use is completely free and the amount of storage that you are allotted is 100MB. To register, here is what the form looks like. It is very straightforward and simple to register:

After you create an account and log-in, you will find that the the user interface looks quite elegant.  It almost reminds me of the original Hotmail before it became Windows Live Mail:

Some of the greatest features of this product is its built-in search capabilities and the fact that the website promotes document collaboration (similar to Google Docs & Spreadsheets).  Quite honestly, I have not really gotten into the online document trend as of yet because I am more of the send the Microsoft Office documents back-and-forth through e-mail kind of guy.  However, if I were into online document collaboration, I would choose Pytagor over Google Docs & Spreadsheets because of the way that Berlioz explained how simple it works:  “The collaboration is done by invitation. If user A invites user B, only B can access, rate and comment the shared documents of A and his social network.”

Interestingly, the search technology built into Pytagor is based on lucene which is also used by the HP, Mayo Clinic, and FedEx websites.  I highly recommend those who are interested in online document collaboration to check out Pytagor.  The company was founded in 2004 and the product is also available in French.