A Quick Look at Yahoo! India’s Our City Page

Posted Feb 5, 2007

As I was sitting in a taxi in Bangalore a couple of months ago, I read a billboard that said “Put the Bang in Bangalore” which served as an advertisement for virtualbangalore.com.  Now it appears that Yahoo!’s subsidiary, Yahoo! India wants to match virtualbangalore services through Yahoo! OurCity.  Currently, OurCity is tailored towards residents and tourists of Delhi and Bangalore.

So what type of features does OurCity have?  It contains a mashing of information from various sources including a description of the city from Wikipedia, recent photos from Flickr, recent city news from Yahoo! News, News Bookmarks from Del.icio.us, recent blog entries related to these cities, and events pulled from Upcoming.org.  It definetely appears that Yahoo! is gunning to integrate all of its company acquisitions in any new service it comes up with.

Another great event reporting website around India includes SEraja.  SEraja has a more comprehensive list of events since it has been around for longer.