Adobe Systems and Granite Ventures Invest $2 Mill Into Flash Games Site, Bunchball

Posted Nov 6, 2006

Redwood City, CA based company, Bunchball is a a hub for Adobe Flash games similar to Atom Entertainment’s The two providers of the $2 million investment of Bunchball funding was Adobe Systems Inc. and San Francisco based, Granite Ventures.

Ballbunch provides multi-player Flash games for social networks, blogs, and other websites. And what attracted the investment was that these games are multi-player, a feature that could promote a deeper interaction between game lovers on these social networks such as MySpace.

Almost all of the games that I have seen on Ballbunch remind me of the “retro” games from the 80’s that I used to enjoy and could see myself enjoying once again with the Ballbunch game twists. N-blox Evil Edition is a 2 player Tetris style game where when you clear 2 or more lines from your game, it adds lines of blocks for your opponent to get rid of. Remember the boardgame, Battleship? You can now play the Ballbunch version of Battleship, Sea Battle online against an opponent.

Adobe and Granite Ventures have limited partnership under a company called Adobe Ventures. Chris Hollenbeck and John Leckrone are the partners working on the Ballbunch investment. The founders of Bunchball are Rajat Paharia and Sunil Singh.

[Article Source: VentureBeat]