Adobe’s Acquisition Announcement of Virtual Uniquity Indicates Interest In Online Office Application Competition

Posted Oct 1, 2007

[Note: The combination of the Adobe logo and Virtual Ubiquity logo is not an official logo.  I put them together.]

“We were inspired by the way today’s youth spend their lives working and playing together online, and how this is influencing the way we all think about collaboration,” stated Rick Treitman, chief executive at Virtual Ubiquity. Through the acquisition, Adobe will also gain ownership of Buzzword, an online word processor product. Buzzword will be integrated into Air (Adobe Integrated Runtime) platform.

Buzzword was created using Adobe Flex and runs on Adobe Flash. When Buzzword gets integrated into Air, then the application will be available online and offline. “This inspiration resulted in an online word processor for the ‘Facebook generation’ that focuses on working together online without sacrificing quality,” added Treitman.

The acquisition financial details were undisclosed. Before acquisition, Adobe was an investor for Virtual Ubiquity.