Alexa Widgets Now More Configurable

Posted Apr 19, 2007

Alexa suing Statsaholic isn’t the only recent Alexa-related news to report today. The company announced a couple days ago that their widgets are more configurable.

Geoffrey Mack wrote that some of the newest features include:
– Compare up to 3 sites at a time
– Select from 3 different graph types, Reach Rank, or Pageviews
– Graph sizes are fully configurable, up to 400 W x 300 H
– Graph Ranges are configurable from 1 day to over 5 years
– Background color is configurable.

Every widget will come with a small advertisement powered by BritePic. The blog post by Mack also warns that if you are using Alexa Traffic Graphs without undocumented APIs, then it will be closed within weeks.

The widgets are available at I tried embedding the widget but it seems that it is having a hard time being compatible with WordPress, my blogging tool.