Anti-Click Fraud Company, Fraudwall Raises Undisclosed Millions

Posted Jan 8, 2007

In December, Fraudwall Technologies Inc. recruited Ken Miller as CEO. Miller was the first employee at PayPal to manage fraud. At the time that Miller was leaving PayPal, he was the VP of risk management. Miller is planning on finding ways to prevent fraudulent clickers from making money illegitimately.

Google Inc. and Yahoo! Inc. are confident in their abilities to detect click fraud and do not charge advertisers when fraud is detected. However, advertisers sometimes believe that they want another opinion. In the last year, Google and Yahoo joined the Interactive Advertising Bureau, an agency that has a click fraud initiative.

Fraudwall collects data from ad sellers and the advertisers’ websites. This service gave enough of a reason for Ron Conway and Jim Pitkow to invest millions in the company along with several other angel investors. Jim Pitkow was once the chairman of Outride, which had sold to Google. Ron Conway had invested in Google early on.