AOL Has A New AIM Widget, Wimzi

Posted Jul 2, 2007

AOL’s Instant Messenger product, AIM now has a widget that can be placed on blogs, social network websites, and any other types of websites. This allows visitors to profile pages or the websites to instant message AIM users without giving away their screen name or without the widget owner having to give away their screen name.

The widgets can be set at a standard 190x275px or a mini 160x195px size. There are several themes that can be chosen such as BubbleGum, OrangeCrush, Graper, and SnowDust. Its fairly straight-forward and robust application. This application can be seen as a competitor to Meebo’s software, MeeboMe.

“We continue to enhance our products to offer a seamless and fully integrated online communications experience,” stated Kevin Conroy, Executive Vice President, AOL. “With the introduction of Web Mail with AIM and the AIM WIMZI widget, we are making it easier for people to communicate online without opening multiple applications.”

Wimzi will also be added to AOL’s Mail beta service as well similarly to Google Talk’s integration into GMail and Windows Live Messenger’s integration into Windows Live Mail.

The Wimzi Widget is available at:[1] Below is a screen shot of the widget:

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[3] AOL News and Broadcast Center: AOL Introduces New Mail and Instant Messaging Products