Apple Safari Now On Windows

Posted Jun 11, 2007

Apple Inc’s Safari 3[1] Internet browser has just been launched. But this time, it is also available on Microsoft Windows Vista and XP. This is great news for web developers because now they can see whether their web sites are Mac-compliant without having to physically check on a Mac. The announcement was made at the Apple WWDC conference in San Francisco today.

Providing Safari for Windows shows Apple has a new initiative: Compete with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. “We would have preferred to have Apple use Gecko or collaborate with us on the development of the Camino browser, but providing an alternative to an OS-sponsored browser is nothing new to us,” stated Mitchell Baker on the The Big Picture page[2].

There are a couple bugs here and there that I’m sure will be fixed eventually.  For example, on Firefox and IE, users can pres CTRL+Backspace and it will delete an entire word.  This does not work on Safari.

Before, I have never really used Apple Safari in-depth, but I’m using it to type this blog post. I really like how clear the text is. The text on this browser seems to be as clear as Internet Explorer 7.0.  Browsing through AJAX pages with Safari is a lot smoother too.

I think Apple made a great move by providing PC users with a new browser.

[1] Apple: Safari 3 Public Beta Download page
[2] Browser Innovation, Gecko and the Mozilla Project