Apples iTunes Now Selling Ring Tones At $0.99-$1.98 Each

Posted Sep 11, 2007

Apple Inc. recently added a feature to iTunes where users can buy and edit ring tones for the iPhone.  There is a collection of 500,000+ ring tones on iTunes.  To download them, a ring tone icon will appear next to a song if its available when logged into iTunes.  From that point, the user can edit the ring tone through iTunes if they wish to.  Users can edit, loop, fade in-and-out, and preview the ringtones.

After that, the user can download the edited ring tone for 99 cents, but will have to buy the song (if they don’t already own it) for 99 cents as well, thus potentially making each ring tone cost the user $1.98 each.

Will this new iTunes feature affect competition with Jamster?  I doubt it.  iTunes ring tones and Jamster ring tones are marketed for different markets.  Jamster has constant TV ad circulation and iTunes will probably win the market for those interested in ring tones and own an iPhone.  But this should not take away much business from Jamster.

Collectively, iTunes now sells songs, videos (TV shows and videos), and ring tones.  I wonder what is next?  Wallpapers for the iPhone perhaps?