Around 61 Billion Searches Conducted Worldwide in August 07′; Google Accounts For 37 Billion

Posted Oct 10, 2007

â??With the tremendous volume of search activity occurring around the world, search continues to present an abundance of marketing opportunities to companies on both a global and local scale.â?
-Bob Ivins, Exec. VP of International Markets at comScore

comScore, Inc., a top web ratings company released a studied that involved in-depth analysis of online searches from around the world.  The study found that 750 million people, ages 15 and up, conducted 61 billion searches in August.  In the Asia-Pacific, 20.3 billion searches were made.  Europe accounted for 18 billion searches.  And North America accounted for 16 billion.

Google emerged as the leader for the most used search engine.  Of the 61 billion searches made, Google was used for over 37 billion searches.  This was followed by Yahoo! at 8.5 billion, Baidu at 3.2 billion, Microsoft at 2.1 billion, etc.  The full rankings can be found at:

Google’s stock is soaring, the founders are buying themselves a new Boeing 757, and they just bought a Europe-based mobile micro-blogging company.  As we keep using Google for search and they keep making money, they’ll continue to acquire the companies that have some of the most innovative business models, thus making more of the world’s information available at our fingertips.  And the world continues to become a level-playing field.