Bambi Francisco’s New Video Startup Raises Funds

Posted May 14, 2007

Bambi Francisco is a former correspondent of the technology section at MarketWatch. MarketWatch is owned by Dow Jones. Utilizing her connections with venture capitalists, Bambi went on to start up her own company called Vator.TV.

The purpose of Vator.TV will be for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and thoughts through video. Amazon is powering the video streaming. The name comes from “elevator” in the context of the concept of the elevator pitch.

The funding came from various sources and the amount was not disclosed. Richard Rosenblatt, the former CEO of Intermix was an investor. Intermix is the company that owned MySpace which is now owned by News Corporation. Georges Harik, a developer of Google AdSense also joined as an investor. Peter Thiel, the former CEO of PayPal Inc. and Matthew Hill, an early investor in (which was acquired by eBay in June 2005 for $635 million) both joined in for funding.

Below is a video of Bambi being interviewed by Mr. Thiel:

Information Source: [VentureBeat]