BBC To Use Adobe Flash On iPlayer

Posted Oct 15, 2007

“Adobe is driving the next generation of video delivery by accelerating the fusion of TV and the Internet. With more control over playback, interactivity and branding, the move to Flash Player compatible video will help the BBC to engage audiences by delivering a seamless, instant-on Web video experience.”
-Bruce Chizen, CEO of Adobe

The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) will be utilizing Adobe Systems Inc.’s Flash software for its iPlayer streaming media service. The iPlayer will allow BBC viewers to download Beeb programs for up to 7 days. Then users will be able to watch the shows for about 30 days before the programs automatically deletes itself.

Ashley Highfield is best known for his contributions to the BBC’s digital strategy growth and the iPlayer. He was recently recognized as’s #5 in the Top 50 Agenda Setters after the Facebook founder and the Google, Apple, and Cisco CEOs.

The BBC iPlayer is available in the U.K. only and is currently compatible with just PCs, not Macs.  But the iPlayer should be available for the Mac by the end of the year.

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