BBC Video Clips Being Added on Yahoo! News

Posted Dec 1, 2006

Today Yahoo! announced that BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) News clips will now be offered through the Yahoo! News website. There will be a total of 30 news clips offered per day. This deal is made possible with Yahoo!’s agreement with ABC News. According to Reuters UK, “maintains exclusive representation for BBC news on-demand broadband and wireless content in North America” and financial details were not disclosed.

“We are pleased to bring the renowned journalism of the BBC to Yahoo! News, a leading online news service that reaches millions across the world,” stated Richard Sambrook, a director of BBC’s Global News division. “The demand for BBC content in the United States is growing all the time and we believe our expansion on new digital platforms is critically important to helping us meet that demand [source].”

About 11 months ago, ABC News signed the agreement to become the representation arm of the BBC in North America to provide BBC content via broadband and wireless mediums. The videos will be free for Yahoo! users, but will contain advertisements.

“The BBC has established itself as an unparalleled global news-gathering organization, and its content will be a tremendous complement to the world class news already available on our site,” stated Scott Moore, who is the head of news and information at the Yahoo! Media Group. “The BBC has a cool factor with younger audiences, a natural fit for Yahoo! News users who are generally younger than audiences at other news organizations.” ABC (American Broadcasting Company) also has clips on Yahoo! News.