Blockbuster Inc. Has Acquired Movielink LLC

Posted Aug 8, 2007

Blockbuster Inc. announced today that they would be acquiring Movielink LLC.  Movielink provides customers access thousands of movies that can be rented or purchased online.  Movielink is a joint venture between Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer Studios, and Warner Bros.

“Blockbuster is committed to keeping pace with the changing needs of customers by offering them an expanding array of convenient ways to access entertainment content,” stated Jim Keyes, the Blockbuster Chairman and CEO. “Our acquisition of Movielink, with its associated digital content, is the next logical step in our planned transformation of Blockbuster. Now, in addition to the entertainment content we provide through our stores and by mail, we have taken an important step toward being able to make movie downloading conveniently available to computers, portable devices and ultimately to the television at home.”

Blockbuster won’t be changing the operations of Movielink but will be making elements of the service available on  Movielink was started in 2002.