Blogarate: A New Blog Rating Website

Posted Mar 14, 2007 is a new and free service that allows users to submit and rate blog posts. Once you submit a post, then it becomes an individual page that displays comments and displays the last 5 users that had rated your blog post.

Creating an account does not require much effort. All it takes is filling out a username, password, blog URL, location, description, and e-mail. You can also upload a photo as an avatar:

Once a blog post is submitted, Blogarate searches for other related blog posts on the Internet.

Blogarate also has several widgets that are compatible with several blogging platforms including WordPress, Blogger, Community Server, and Dasblog. Compatibility with other platforms are on the way as well.  Below is what the widgets look like:

Blogarate also utilizes RSS and tags.

“ is not just a blog post rating system, it is a distributed news aggregation platform.  By collecting blog post details including rankings at the source Blogarate reflects in greater detail what is making news on the web and what blog readers really see is important.” stated Clarke Scott, founder of  Scott is a former Microsoft Solution Architect MVP and Blogarate has private funding. Scott also has a blog where he writes about upcoming Blogarate features.  The site was launched on February 30, 2007.