BLUE 42! HUT! HUT! YourSports Launches Social Network For Amateur Athletes; TAKKLE Beware

Posted Oct 25, 2007

Seattle, Wash. based YourSports launched a new website that focuses on social networking for amateur athletes. High school athletes are encouraged to create profile pages and upload video highlights from various sporting events. One of my personal favorite video highlights of Detroit Pistons basketball player, Tayshaun Prince when he was attending University of Kentucky:


YourSports was founded by Chris McCoy.  YourSports now has $900,000 in investment and has an 18 person team working away on building the company, including  Ben Joldersma, former developer at and Sean Sweeney, a former director at Media Zone. 

Some of YourSports’ competitors includes, MaxPreps, FanNation, and Takkle. was acquired by Yahoo! Inc. and MaxPreps was acquired by CBS Corp.  Takkle is backed by Sports Illustrated, NYCIF, Greycroft Partners, and WMG Investments.

YourSports10 is a show that recognizes amateur athletes broadcasted through YourSports’ video platform.  Some of YourSports’ Board of Advisors includes Stu Evey, co-founder and former Chairman of ESPN; Eddie Poplawski, leader merchandiser for Costco; Peter Everett, Senior Project Manager of Yahoo! Fantasy Sports; and Karen Northup, former CFO of and  Other Board of Advisor members include John Castle from Univ. of Washington; Nate Miles, a VP at Eli Lilly; Bryan Brewer, President of Business Plans at Northwest and Bo Wandell, VP at Grid Networks.

Given the funding, the 18 person team, and the Board of Advisors that YourSports has, other amateur sports social networks have a good reason to fret.  YourSports can potentially seize the market for high school sports.  This gives enough of a reason for TAKKLE to get varsity blues.

Side Note: I looked up Blue 42 on Urban Dictionary and here is a submission that Suzy~Q put:
“when you and your friends are hanging out and you plan to mess with one of the guys, you all make a plan. Then one person yells out BLUE 42, and the person you were going to mess with get’s his pants pulled down! HAHAHAHA.”  What a dirty prank.