Relaunching Interface In September

Posted Aug 20, 2007

Next month, is relaunching into a new interactive family website that will enable kids and parents to create and connect through games and other media forms. The changes include a webcomic for kids called The Paranormals. There will also be Comic Book Creator online software available where kids can develop their own comics.

Other changes include a Multiplex, a Fridge, and two-player games. The Multiplex will allow kids to watch streaming video clips, trailers, movies, TV shows, games, and music. The Fridge is a messaging software that kids and adults can use to share comics that have been created and communicate with other users.’s current features include interactive quiz games that promote academia. For example, there is a 50 States and Capitals game along with American History Crossword PUzzles. The aforementioned changes will start to appear in September 2007.

“With the wide adoption of broadband and social networking, people aren’t just looking for content on the consoles anymore,” stated Bryson Smith,’s VP of Advertising Sales. “Family and friends are looking for new ways to connect online in safe, trusting environments that provide entertaining and interactive experiences.”

The new beta is available at: