CallWave’s Awesome Voicemail Desktop Widget

Posted Feb 17, 2007

An old friend of mine from college showed me how useful CallWave was a couple days back. His phone battery died, but fortunately he had the CallWave widget to tell him that his parents in Dubai called. I thought that was pretty cool so I decided to test & install the widget myself. The widget works with Yahoo! Widgets, Windows Vista widgets, and Apple widgets. You can download the widget file from the CallWave website. The service works with most U.S. phone providers such as Cingular, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

After you save the widget file into your default widget folder and then open the file, CallWave opens up a disclaimer as displayed below (I used Yahoo! Widgets):

After you agree to use the widget, then you are asked to enter a phone number, a pin number, and your e-mail:

Once you submit your information, a request is sent to the CallWave servers. You would also receive an e-mail confirmation with the same information that you inputted above. After that, the widget asks you to select your phone service provider:

Once a phone provider is selected, the widget will generate a random number and several meta-characters for you to type in as if you were calling someone:

Once you dial the number and hit call, your phone may indicate that your calls are being forwarded. If you’re using Windows, you also have to download and install extra software.

After you install the software, you are then notified on the widget of all received calls and can even listen to voicemails on your computer. Here is what the CallWave for Windows software looks like:

I had a friend call me and leave a voicemail to test it out. It worked perfectly. This is one of the most amazing software tools out there and I highly recommend it.

CallWave was founded by Peter V. Sperling and David F. Hofstatter. The company trades under the stock ticker symbol CallWave, Inc NASDAQ: CALL. CallWave also has a blog with company updates.