CBS Invests In Ownership of Wall Strip

Posted May 22, 2007

Wall Strip[1] is a website that makes the subject of Finance entertaining.  The web TV shows are hosted by Lindsay Campbell and is produced by Adam Elend and Jeff Marks.  Those three will continue to do work for CBS Corporation and will also be joined by the founder of Wall Strip, Howard Lindzon[2], who will consult for the new operation.

The deal was initially rumored at $5 million but it turned out that this amount was incorrect.  The actual amount is not disclosed.  Another interesting fact is that TechCrunch’s Duncan Riley and Howard Lindzon have a conflict with each other [3] over comment deletion.

I think that for those who enjoy the programs may be also interested in Amit Chatwani’s Leveraged Sellout [4] and Monkey Business: Swinging Through The Wall Street Jungle written by John Rolfe and Peter Troob.  Chatwani’s blog and Rolfe/Troob’s book appear to have the same slapstick-like humor mixed combined with finance jargon as Wall Strip.  I look forward to seeing how Wall Strip ideas will be leveraged by CBS. 

Below is a video embedded of Lindsay meandering around the CBS headquarters and also a message by the founder of Wall Strip:

[2] Howard Lindzon’s blog
[3] Howard Lindzon’s blog